6 Things You Should Know…

Thing 1:

I am working on a book (of course), and up until a couple days ago, I just referred to it as BOOK but that is boring and so now I will be calling the book SPECIALSAUCE (working title). Because SPECIALSAUCE is way more fun than BOOK. So if you see me mention SPECIALSAUCE, it’s not an illegal substance or a secret ingredient, it’s just my project.

Example: I made it to 10k in SPECIALSAUCE. <–incidentally, this is true.


Thing 2:

DEMONGLASS by the incredibly fantastically amazing Rachel Hawkins came out this week!!!!!!!!!! When you add Rachel's awesomeness to her book's awesomeness, I'm fairly certain the world explodes.


Thing 3:

A quick game of upside/downside!!

Upside of living in the Liverpool: it’s pretty and old and everything is covered in moss:

Downside, THINGS CLOSE EARLY. As in, there are 0 coffee shops within walking distance that stay open after dinner. 0. And even the BUSES stop running at like…6pm. CAN YOU FEEL MY PAIN, LOVELIES?????

I wrote the entire first draft of THE NEAR WITCH in a coffee shop AFTER DARK. I need night air and caffeine to survive!!!!!!!!!!!

I am clearly having a hard time coping.


Thing 4:

If you add the (new, smaller) countdown widget for THE NEAR WITCH — found HERE — you should TELL ME and then I can put your name on this list and you might receive, oh, I don’t know, A PRIZE.*

* * *

Thing 5:

In 11 weeks, I will be standing in the middle of an enchanted forest.

* * *

Thing 6:

Fun fact: I spend the same amount of time drafting the first 50 pages of a book as I do on the WHOLE REST OF THE BOOK. It continues to surprise me, though it shouldn’t. The first 50 pages aren’t just the first impression, but it’s where the world-building happens, the rules and the structure have to be laid, and then buried so they don’t look like rules and structure.

Escaping the first 50 pages is clearly like escaping the Fire Swamp.**

* * *

*Prize might be a signed button, BUT prize would arrive after June 1st, when I am restored in my home in the states and can mail said signed button to you.

**I love that EVERY SINGLE STEP in the publishing journey can be likened to the Fire Swamp.


26 thoughts on “6 Things You Should Know…

  1. Irish says:

    Better to deal with the Fire Swap than ROUS’s!

    And that really sucks about everything closing early. Small towns are like that (although I wouldn’t think of Liverpool as a small town) but the place I grew up rolls its sidewalks up super early too. Can you make a room in the house into a pretend coffee shop?

    • veschwab says:

      But the ROUSs–also known as doubt monsters–are IN the fire swamp!!!

      And yes, the closing early of coffee shops has been my primary frustration.

      I actually think a pretend coffee shop, or at least the atmosphere, would be awesome to create in the house…alas there are 9 other people living in it!!

      But I’ll find my discipline and my corners and get some work done.

  2. Shannon says:

    Yes The Near Witch Countdown widget is on our blog page. Kim and I can’t wait to read it. hint, hint.

    • veschwab says:

      Hoorah!! Duly noted!

      And you’re on the list I sent to my publicist. I don’t think they’ve even consulted it YET.

  3. Jen Chandler says:

    That’s how it was in Ireland…well, except for the pubs. The pubs stayed open until 3am…but I can’t imagine trying to write in one. Then again, one could end up with some pretty fab drunken Irish stories (must rethink writing in Irish pubs after midnight…)

    Enchanted forest? For reals? I’m looking forward to hearing about that one 🙂

    • veschwab says:

      Yeah, pubs are great for stories, and not so much for productivity :p

      And I will post much more about the enchanted forest when the time comes :))

  4. Lauren M says:

    I cannot wait for SPECIALSAUCE! It sounds delicious.

    I love that moss photo–everything is better when it is old-looking. But argh, the early-closing of everything really sucks! I suppose this means you’ll need to make your own coffee shop to write in! 😛

    I have added the small NW widget to my sidebar! Love it! ❤

    • veschwab says:

      Hahaha yummy.

      Everything is old, and lovely, even here, but the lack of late-night coffee shops is making my heart sad.

      Thanks for adding the widget!! I have made a note of it 😉

  5. Danya says:

    Wow, can’t believe even the buses stop running that early….that’s terrible! And this talk of an enchanted forest intrigues me…

    Also, I’ve added the Near Witch widget to my sidebar! 🙂

  6. yvette says:

    Love the way you write girl. It’s so fascinating to hear of your intrepid adventures. Just keep embracing the dark side as well as the light and you will win through to the other side, where I’m sure there are angels and winged thingees with harps!! 🙂
    Yvette Carol

    • veschwab says:

      Aw, why thank you. That never ceases to make my say.

      I am trying to embrace both sides of the journey, to be sure, and in the end it will have been an experience, and for that I will be thankful and better educated in my next adventure.

  7. Rachel says:

    Liverpool sounds lovely . . . I desperately want to visit England someday.
    Also . . . I tweeted about el countdown. . . does that count? http://twitter.com/RachelMGlenn

    • veschwab says:

      Liverpool is quite intriguing, though it doesn’t have as much old-world charm as the south (where my family is from ;p) but ENGLAND as a whole is spectacular. I love this country.

      And yes, totally counts!

  8. Liverpool sounds so lovely, except for the closing after six. Aghhh. I like the night air too! And caffeine is lovely.

    The Near Witch widget is on my sidebar: http://agypsywriter.blogspot.com/ (under Can’t Wait)

  9. wherewander says:

    enjoy the ride girl!!

  10. brendan says:

    There’s an enchanted forest in the national park in Killarney–possibly the only interesting thing in Killarney–which after all is just a hop, skip and a jump for you. I was serendipitously tipped off to it by a random Italian backpacker. There’s also a little castle there where the crows will come up and sit at your feet, staring (hoping for food? plotting your demise?). Highly recommended.

  11. Bonnie says:

    I still need to reply to you, I know. Haven’t had time to sit down and think. I picked up Demonglass tonight at work! I was so excited to go in and grab it and was ready to sit down and read it…and then I found an ARC of Wither by Lauren DeStefano sitting in our pile and it trumped everything. Hopefully I’ll finish it tomorrow night after work and be able to dive into Demonglass. Esp. since there are three or four other new books to read…

    You always have such fun random words. I love SPECIALSAUCE 🙂

    I know what you’re saying about the first fifty pages. I’ve been having that problem in the past month myself. I’m starting a series of books and I struggled my way through the first two chapters. Then, of course, I realized that the first book wasn’t the “first book,” so I had to start over. Now I’m twenty (handwritten) pages into the new book and it’s very stop-and-go. Once I get over the hump that is the beginning, I’m good to go. I always struggle the most with the beginning!!!

    • veschwab says:

      No rush, I’ve been swamped, too.

      SPECIALSAUCE makes me smile, and that’s better than the angst inspired by UNTITLED BOOK.

      The beginning is always the hardest because it’s where the framework and world-building has to be laid out, and not just laid out but in a smooth, appealing way, so it can be FRUSTRATING. Hang in there!!

  12. Sharli says:

    Wow! No coffee after six? I don’t think I could live with that :S
    But Liverpool does sound lovely so I guess it’s a balance.

    I like Specialsauce! And it doesn’t make me think about an illegal substance so that’s good.

    I added the widget to my blog. Thanks for making it smaller! The other one didn’t fit in my sidebar

  13. Liam says:

    I loved Hex Hall and I just finished Demonglass. Holy crap ending.

    Rachel Hawkin is a sadistic, cruel person.
    Who is insanely talented. Le sigh.

  14. One of my favorite things about authors is that they make awesome random book references. The Princess Bride is one of my favorites everrrrrrrr. And I just bought Demonglass, like, yesterday! MUST READ NOW! O_O

  15. Having just started reading the Near Witch from NetGalley (WOOT!) I am now at work, bookless, and procrastinating by checking out your blog. And you really MUST post about how “EVERY SINGLE STEP in the publishing journey can be likened to the Fire Swamp.”


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