In Liverpool at last!!

Hello, lovelies!!!!

I’m finally in Liverpool. As a recap, my last two weeks have looked something like this…

5 DAYS in Branson, MO
1 BONUS DAY in Branson, MO
3.5 DAYS at home
1 DAY of traveling

Traveling was a monster, mostly because I had a massive suitcase and a small suitcase, and between the two it was nearly impossible to drag them from Heathrow through several undergrounds and over grounds to the train station, and onto the train (the big suitcase was bigger than the train aisle). So I was ever sooooo glad to reach the house in Liverpool, where I am now getting settled.

I will probably post pretty often about my adventures, or lack thereof, depending on the day. Today for instance, I put ALARM CLOCK on the top of my to-buy list after waking up at 10:45!! Adventures require an earlier start than that, I’m pretty sure.

One of the hardest things is the time gap, because I can’t be online/on Twitter when so many of YOU are online!! It saddens me, and makes me feel out of the loop about your lives! So if you want to say hi, or ask a question, or tell me about your day, you can either chat with me here on the blog in the comments, or EMAIL ME! Because I like getting emails.

My email: vschwab at comcast dot net

It takes me a little longer to respond because I don’t have an email-capable phone here (or a phone at ALL yet), so bear with me, but I’d LOVE to hear from you guys.


16 thoughts on “In Liverpool at last!!

  1. Jodi Meadows says:

    Glad you’re there, lovely! Have fun!!!

  2. John says:

    To start you off while everyone sleeps –

    Hope you’re settling in okay and get used to the time difference soon. Enjoy your adventures, but there will always be someone online to chat/moan to 🙂

    John (Scotland) x

    ps. How do you like the tea?!

  3. Linda G. says:

    So glad you finally made it. Let the adventure begin! 🙂

  4. Leigh says:

    Yay for England!! So glad you made it and are settling in. **hugs** Have SO MUCH FUN!

  5. Oh, V, I’m never going to be able to figure out what time it is where you are, am I? I had JUST mastered the one hour Nashville to PA.

    Have so many wonderful, inspirational, (safe) adventures. I can’t wait to read all about them!


  6. Jen Chandler says:

    Hooray for adventures!!! And in England, no less. Fabulous! Have a wonderful, wonderful time and I’ll look forward to reading all about it here 😀

    PS: I got the bookplate and button in the mail the other day. They’re both fabulous and I thank you!!


    • veschwab says:

      I’m SO glad the bookplate and button arrived safely! And I shall endeavor to have many adventures worth blogging about 🙂

  7. Lauren M says:

    Glad to hear you arrived safely! Have a great time, Victoria! (And take pictures! :D)

  8. catie james says:

    Hope you have a great time Victoria. Can’t wait to read all about your adventures as they unfold! 🙂

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