Four More Prizes! A Trip!! And a Blurb!!!


1. The giveaway continues (and can I say WOW?!) and I’ve decided to add FOUR more small prizes due to the sheer EPICNESS of the turnout. What are these tokens?

When I get stressed, I doodle. So I happened to doodle on top of bookplate-esque stickers. It looked like this:

SO. I’m giving four signed (I haven’t signed them yet in the picture, obviously), hand-illustrated bookplates (hey, why not? My stress relief is your free stuff) in addition to the rest of the prizes.


2. I’m about to leave for this epic retreat thingy, but before I abandon you, oh lovely blog, I HAVE NEWS!!!

I couldn’t decide whether to be all serious with the title of this post, or break my usual no-slang rule and title it I CAN HAZ BLURB!!!* because that’s how it makes me feel on the inside…but obviously I managed to refrain. Still!

My little book got its first blurb!

And here I go using up all my allotted exclamation points again! Because it’s not only a blurb, but an incredible one that managed to elicit emotion from even my cold, dark (and fuzzy like a teddy’s stuffing) heart.

*clears throat*

Here we go:

“Romantic, haunting, and truly original—The Near Witch cast a spell on us from the very first page.”

Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, NYT bestselling authors of Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Darkness

Allow me to act out my reaction:


*Reads email*



I should say, I got the “You can haz blurb!” email from Editrix A (I solemnly swear she used no such slang) in the middle of a whole litter of angst bunnies, and it was such a shock, and so humbling. And I know 99% of you haven’t read it yet, but if I could dream up a perfect blurb, this would be it.

So yeah. ❤


Lastly, I realize the blog has been…well…book-oriented lately. On the flip-side of the retreat I’ll be announcing the winners, and then I should resume my usual level of random shenanigans for a little while.

*One day I should probably do a post on internet voice vs. book voice, so people don’t read my blog and then pick up NW (heeeeee people will be able to do that one day!) and go “HEY! VICTORIA. Your writing in here. It’s not like your writing on my screen. What’s up with that???” But another day.

42 thoughts on “Four More Prizes! A Trip!! And a Blurb!!!

  1. Congrats on the blurb! 😀 Hope you have an awesome time at the epic retreat thingy!

  2. Your cold dark fuzzy heart. See, you can write, V. And that’s a lovely blurb.

  3. Rachel says:

    Eeeeee! Blurb squee!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    WOOT to the blurb!! and Have an epic time at the retreat! I’m very jealous of your doodles, mine are all stick people with tails, or stars…This has been a awesome week for you!

  5. Jen Chandler says:

    Awesome, awesome blurb! Congrats!! Enjoy the retreat 😀

  6. Kate says:

    Congrats on the blurb, girl!

  7. Danielle says:

    Oooh….pretty doodles. lol. And yes, it’s totally win-win. Have TONS of fun on your writer-y retreat. Bring us back evidence of the awesome! And oh yes…that is the most perfect blurb in the world. Perfect!! 🙂

  8. Cait Peterson says:

    So awesome, Victoria!! I’m so happy for you!

  9. Cynthial11 says:

    Lovely blurb, Congrats!! Can’t wait for TNW!!!

  10. Mia says:


  11. Nikki says:

    Congrats on the awesome blurb!! Have a blast at the retreat 😀

  12. Congrats on the lovely blurb!

  13. Awesome! And congrats!

  14. John says:

    Congrats V 🙂

  15. SM Schmidt says:

    Super amazing congrats on the blurb! It sounds like the perfect weapon to banish angst bunnies.

  16. Mary Lindsey says:

    Hooray! Awesome blurb. Can’t wait to read your book.

  17. Bonnie says:


    That’s so exciting! Congrats on such a wonderful blurb!

    Have fun on your retreat. 🙂 I’m *so* jealous. I want to go on a retreat one day… I was trying to plan one with a friend, but things got so crazy…

    And you have such fun, prettyful doodles. Yay art ^_^

  18. Orhedea says:

    Oh, i can’t wait for your book! It sounds hauntingly ravishing!

  19. Orhedea says:

    Oh, i can’t wait for your book! It sounds hauntingly ravishing!
    Have a blast on the writing retreat! (P.S. Since most of you are paranormal authors, is it like a witch Sabbath over there?LOL)

  20. Peep says:

    Hahaha! I love your enthusiasm! *drools* I can’t wait for your book!!*drools some more – for emphasis*.

    And I’m totally jealous of your doodles. Mine always come out looking like my preschooler drew them – while she was sleeping…

  21. Amanda says:

    Congrats on getting a great first blurb!!

  22. Steph says:

    First of all let me say congrats on the blurb… It just makes me want your book even more so thanks for my future suffering and waiting. I literally have it marked on my calender.

    Second I really love your little doodled book plate… I had to tilt my head to see it straight but its really neat!

    Lastly have a blast on your retreat!

    Book Junky!

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