This is what happens when you go rock climbing, come home, have hot cocoa for dinner, and then go to check your Twitter stream:

You look up and realize your cocoa is cold and you’ve spent two hours doodling on a screenshot from an award you didn’t know about until a few hours earlier.

The screenshot is taken from the Shorty Awards. Anyway, I thought this was cool because I can almost brush my digital fingers against Richard Castle’s avatar. And since Castle is my fictional boyfriend (he totally knows it, I’m sure), this pleased me greatly.

I don’t really think there’s any reason to ask for more votes, as I don’t really see myself advancing up the list any farther, and that’s totally cool, it gave me a kick and a laugh. And by the time I post this, I’m sure I’ve dropped down in the ranking.

But if you do feel inclined to vote, I suggest you do it for the HAT. Yes, THIS HAT:

Because, to me, the BEST part about this whole thing isn’t even being sandwiched between Castle and Rowling.

It’s the fact that the Shorty Awards USE YOUR TWITTER AVATAR.

Which means that as long as I’m there on that page, MY WITCHY HAT WILL BE THERE, TOO.

This concludes the PSA.

*I refuse to admit both to how much time I actually wasted messing around with this tonight, and to how much fun I had. Thanks for the fine folks who started it all :p



  1. SM Schmidt says:

    Sandwiched between Rowling & Castle is an awesome place to be! Plus that hat reminds me of the standard costume witch hat given the awesome treatment. Do you think you could post more pictures of the hat?

    • veschwab says:

      Haha, there’s a slightly different picture of the hat on my fbook page, but it’s MINE. I’ve endowed it with magic so it seems awesome, even though it’s a pretty basic hat.

  2. Zoe Marriott says:

    Can I ask you where you’re going to get your buttons/bookmark made up? I think it’s an awesome idea and I’d love to steal it to promote my new book (putting interesting quotes on buttons, I mean) but I can’t think of any printing/promotional item companies that could do it.

    • veschwab says:

      The buttons I got done through, and I haven’t picked my place for the bookmarks yet! I designed the materials myself, of course, so I don’t know of any places that would do that and print for you, though they’re out there, of course!

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