PONIES. And buttons. And pleas.

So I’ve spent the last few days staring at a blank blog post trying desperately to think of SOMETHING to talk about. I wanted to start the year off with a strong post! I wanted to have oomf! Or at least, you know, a topic.

I don’t have one.

January is tricky.

It’s full of NOT thinking/stressing/obsessing about a certain thing we will call PONIES. I am not ACTUALLY stressed about ponies, but PONIES will stand in for the thing I AM thinking about (I also can’t say what PONIES stands for b/c every time I do I have to pay Myra a dollar). My obsession with PONIES has led to many an hour sprawled on the floor watching HEX and drinking a b—um, a soda.

Aside from obsessing about PONIES, and editing LOVER BOOK*, I am also prepping for my trip to the UK (which comes right after another trip AND an NYC trip. February is indeed the month of move. This month, though, is about getting ready to move, and that’s less fun to blog about. It’s about reading every single book on my To-Read shelf because I can’t take them with me. It’s about packing, getting my life in order, finding a rhythm for the next few weeks, obsessively making to-do lists I’ll never finish…


Not very bloggable. I even scoured my “Draft” folder, where I keep blog topics, and came up pretty lacking.

Part of the problem is that my job right now is to DISTRACT myself from the internet, from PONIES, and this makes me far less interesting.

The only thing I have to show you are BUTTONS. Yeah, that’s right. Pins. In my attempt to avoid thinking about PONIES, I designed some pins and a special little bookmark for them to attach to (I don’t have a final cover, but needed some swag for a promo thingy coming up).

Anyway, a glimpse:

So, talk to me lovelies. What are you reading? Watching? Listening to? Any fun plans this winter?


*LOVER BOOK is a project I had to pause with only a rough first draft when my NW edits came.

20 thoughts on “PONIES. And buttons. And pleas.

  1. Iffath says:

    Wait. You’re coming to the UK?! How did I miss this?!! *jumps up and down* Oooh..you designed that bookmark yourself? It’s GORGEOUS! Even without your final cover on it! Can’t wait to get my hands on one 🙂

    p.s. I love how many times you used ‘Ponies’ in this blog post 😀

    • veschwab says:

      I am indeed!! For four months!!

      And thank you! Yes, I designed the bookmark and pins. Wonderful procrastination from PONIES :p

  2. Lydia Sharp says:

    You should get paid for how gorgeous those are. Wow. I should have to pay you for just looking at them. O.O

  3. Danya says:

    I just want to say that I love that bookmark – it’s simple but beautiful and I like the mood that those quotes evoke!

    • veschwab says:

      Why thank you! I’ll happily send you one with pins and all when they’re done. Just email me your addy (my email is on the ABOUT tab at top of blog). And one of those quotes is the opening line of the book, the other two are the lines that started everything!

  4. Ann Marie says:

    Can I give you a dollar to give to Myra so you can tell us what ponies stands for?

    I know. Not Helping.

  5. Rachel says:

    Can I please go to the UK with you? I could so use a break from Baltimore (love it though I do!).

    If I absolutely can’t go with you, then I at least hope you have enough fun for the both of us.

    I am reading a fabulous book about feminism from a trans woman’s perspective right now. And despite that, I still think rather a lot about ponies. The real ones. The kind with hooves.

    • veschwab says:

      Haha you’re welcome to come! Or at least to visit/live in my closet. I shall try to have a good deal of fun too, though.

      That does sound like a fascinating read!

      Ah, if only these ponies had hooves.

  6. Patricia says:

    Those are GORGEOUS! *want* Seriously that’s one of the few examples I’ve ever seen where someone said “I used my degree” and it was obvious they had been trained in whatever they were talking about! If you weren’t already going to be rich and famous due to your crazy-amazing talent at writing I’d say you should sell them and get rich that way. 🙂

    I’m dying to know what PONIES stands for… is there a time limit on Myra’s $1 restriction?

    You should plan a trip to MD/DC… I would totally take you out to lunch… or make cupcakes and tea… or BOTH! 🙂

    In distracting news, I’m about to make a huge leap and stop outlining/plotting/researching/planning/stalling and begin hardcore WRITING my new WIP. And I’m terrified. (Which is weird because I’ve been writing forever and never been the slightest bit worried about starting a project.) I’ve been writing snippets and doing all that other stuff for about 4 years with this particular idea and I love it but all the same for some reason HOW much I love this idea is making me scared to start dedicating all my writing-time to it… which makes no sense… :/

    • veschwab says:

      Ah, well thank you!! It was a terrifyingly expensive degree :p

      PONIES are scary, stressful beasts.

      Oh, oh, I will DEFINITELY put MD/DC on my list of potential road trip places then 🙂

      Hurrah for diving in!! DO IT. And it does make sense, the stronger we feel about something the more frightening it can be. But the only sure way to fail is to not try.

  7. Bonnie says:

    GORGEOUS. I love looking at design. I play a lot in Photoshop myself. Those are beautiful. Congrats on making them yourself! I’m getting more and more excited for your book. Earlier today, I posted a big old list of 2011 titles I’m looking forward to on my blog for my friends and listed your book! August feels so far away…

    For what I’m reading *right now*:
    The Stepsister Scheme by Jim C. Hines
    It’s the first in a “fairytale princess” series where the author explores old versions of fairytales and uses them. For example, in one version of Cinderella, the stepsister attempts to assassinate her. This is used in the new book, then the step. kidnaps the prince, so Cinderella teams up with Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and goes off on a quest to bring him back and bring them down. Lots of girl-kicking-butt action. Fun times. Next…well, I should probably read my ARC of Unearthly since, you know, it just officially came out and all. http://abackwardsstory.blogspot.com/2011/01/ones-to-watch-january-2011.html lists all of the books I really want to read this month. No time, no time!

    Do you have an e-reader? You might want to invest in one before going overseas for four months. I’m not sure about Kindle b/c I have nook, but I know with mine, while you can’t download from the device overseas, you can go into your bn.com account with your US info and still purchase books. Maybe load a gift card or get someone who can pay the credit card bill for you. That way you can keep reading.
    …or maybe you’re like me? Even with a nook, I’m still very attached to physical books, esp. when they have droolworthy covers or continue a series. I mostly use mine to read e-ARCs, library books (awesome e-system in local Philly), and to store my own writing on. I like to write by hand, but if I’m typing straight to the computer and want to refer back to something when I’m at work with just a notebook and no Word document, it’s nice to just grab my nook and read my own stuff. So I don’t use my ereader traditionally. But man, I would have KILLED for ebooks back when I lived in Japan for two years. Right before the big boom, sadly. I was too cheap to buy an almost-$400 Sony.

    • veschwab says:

      I actually got a Kindle expressly for this purpose!! I named it Judas, because I prefer physical books, but really needed one for travel.

  8. Irish says:

    oohhhh pretty bookmarks.

    Also, my life is totally dull and so not PONY distraction worthy…but I can entertain you on Twitter with my inane tweets. 🙂

  9. Jen Chandler says:

    Unfortunately, I have nothing exciting with which to distract you from those pesky PONIES. I will, however, compliment you on your swag. Very nice indeed! I really love the designs and font 😀

  10. Orhedea says:

    Ponies? Popsicles, Snobographer, Ephydriad, Synallactic, Scathefire. Ok, am leaving savethewords.org now. But if you need to take your mind of the word ponies, it’s a great place to hang out.

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