I Watched the World End on a Wednesday Afternoon…

I haven’t done a snippet of writing in awhile!!

I got tangled in a Word War just now with Tessa Gratton, Myra McEntire and Natalie Parker. I thought I’d post what I wrote, for kicks.

Please note, this was written in…*looks at clock* about 15 minutes. And I haven’t even combed through for typos, so forgive. This was just for fun, and is, at this time, not a part of any of my projects. I thought of that first line a day or so ago and stored it in the back of my head…

I watched the world end on a Wednesday afternoon.

It wasn’t like I thought it would be. The sky didn’t turn red, or fall down. I sat on the front porch waiting for chunks of blue or cloud or heaven to rain down around me, but it wasn’t like that. I watched the whole world slow, and if it had been winter and if there had been snow, it would have slid through the air slower and slower and slower until it just…stopped, and hung there like those flecks you sometimes see caught in sunlight in a dusty room.

But it wasn’t even winter. It was one of those late summer days, so calm and plain that I wished for a moment the world had waited just a little longer until fall, because it would have beautiful, fitting. The world was not supposed to end in Summer. The world was not supposed to end at all, I suppose, but there you go.

And anyway, there wasn’t snow to watch, sliding to a stop over the porch rail. Only air, that pleasant kind with a touch of coolness that brushes against your skin with a whispered summer is slipping, summer is slipping woven through. And that air began to still, as if the whole world decided one moment, this moment, to stop breathing.

Right before there had been a breeze, enough to lift the hair off my neck and then when the air froze the way it did, I must have looked like I was underwater. I felt that way, with all the sounds of the yard and the house and street dulling the way they would submerged. Voice and noise thickened in the air and hung along with everything else, a picture. A moment.

They say life happens in moments, so I guess it makes sense that the end would happen that way, too. I wish I could have captured it, the quiet world, the held breath of it all. By the time I blinked, the whole of it exhaled, and, like that, the light went out.

But I am still here.

6 thoughts on “I Watched the World End on a Wednesday Afternoon…

  1. Patricia says:


    No really, you can’t stop there!

    I want to read the rest of this, and no, it’s probable lack of existence does not make me want to read it any less! 🙂

  2. Jen Chandler says:

    Ooh, I really like this. And the opening line? Awesome! I love it when opening lines tingle the spine and force you under the rest of the words to come. I want to read more! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. This is beautiful writing! I cannot wait to read the whole novel!

    • veschwab says:

      Aw, well thank you! This is not actually part of any book right now, just an exercise. Must keep those muscles toned. But you never know, one day!

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