Victoria vs. Productivity ALWAYS EQUALS FAIL.

Title pretty much sums it up. This week on the YA Rebels is silly/open, and the topic is ___ “vs” ____ so obviously I did VICTORIA vs. ALL FORMS OF PRODUCTIVITY.

Round 1 – The Twittercation

Round 2 – The To-Do List

No, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of my other vlogs, but I’d appreciate the click/view :p It’s been one of those weeks (in case that wasn’t apparent by my emoticon post on Monday).


10 thoughts on “Victoria vs. Productivity ALWAYS EQUALS FAIL.

  1. LOL I do the exact same things with the to do list – take a shower is definitely on there and yes I add things that have already been done just so I can cross them off! The problem is when you start putting things like “read this magazine” or “Catch up with X that I’ve recorded” because then even the fun things feel like something that has to be done. Does that make sense? So never add “bake cookies” as all the fun will drain away 😉

    The only twittercation I ever really had was when I was reading the Hunger Games trilogy and was so desperate to avoid spoilers, that I stayed away. I want to say it was liberating but I did pop back on for brief moments out of sheer curiosity at what everyone was up to!! You’re not alone Victoria….hahaha.

  2. ebrown83 says:

    LOL awww V! You could put check Twitter on the to-do list a couple of times so you can check it off multiple times. The only time I conquer my to-do lists is when I make one for vacations and they are more what to pack than what to do lists. Mine at work may get one thing crossed off a week and ten things added to it a day…

    I managed a twittercation this summer when I took astronomy but since then I haven’t been able to stay away and really bookstore cuts into my twitter time

    You did conquer your last book though! So there is one thing in the win column for you and another is the Near Witch coming soon-ish like August to us!

  3. Eat the cookie! Ha! 🙂

  4. It’s the SAME thing with me.. haha
    Lies lies lies…
    Twitter and To-do list always wins…
    I use so much power (lies) but I always lose.. haha =P
    I juts LOVE to take a break.. haha.. It’s the best thing on “To-do list” =P
    A cat \o/ Someday you can show it for us =P
    Well, there are u making me laugh (so much – And this is not a lie =P) more one time.. haha
    Waiting for the next video \õ/
    Huges Victoria! ;D

    By your brazilian twitter friend, @srbojunior! ;D

  5. Danielle says:

    I understand the Twittercation issue. I had to change my password so I didn’t know it. (By that I mean a trusted friend changed my password and didn’t tell me until time was up. There was also once when I changed my password by randomly typing letters with my eyes closed. hahaha. True story.) Then I only had it via text…so I could send but not read. It’s the only way it works for me. I have no self control. I just wanna know what’s happening!!!

    As far as to-do lists, I avoid them. I LOVE making lists but really, what’s the point? You just get mad b/c you don’t succeed in them. Too much pressure. haha.

    Also, you look pretty in this video! I like that sweater/shirt thing.

    • veschwab says:

      I’ve actually considered having a friend redo the password for me!! Self-control + V = lose.

      And thank you 😉

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