Tea Time with Daisy Whitney and The Mockingbirds

It’s time for another installment of Tea Time!

It’s a bit early for biscuits, but I’ve got my mug here and an English muffin, and I’m ready to tell you about an incredible author and friend, Daisy Whitney, and her novel, The Mockingbirds, which debuts TODAY.

That’s right, you heard me, TODAY.

Let’s get started.

1. Give us the essence of THE MOCKINGBIRDS in as few words as possible.

THE MOCKINGBIRDS is the story of an underground student-run justice system at a prestigious boarding school and the cases they try, including one involving the date rape of a student by another student. Think SPEAK meets DISREPUTABLE HISTORY OF FRANKIE LANDAU-BANKS.

2. Tell us a bit about YOU.

I love shoes and Paris and chocolate and playing with my dog and my kids and eating popcorn and watching movies with my husband!

3. The journey is different for everyone, so much so that I don’t think there is a normal path to publication. Give us a glimpse into yours: How long did it take to write THE MOCKINGBIRDS? Was it your first book? Any surprises a long the way?

I was writing chick lit first to the tune of three unpublished novels about thirty-something women finding their way. In the fall of 2008 I read Courtney Summers CRACKED UP TO BE, which turned me on to all you could do in the young adult genre. Then I called my author friend Suzanne Young (A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL) and said “I want to write a book about date rape.” We brainstormed a bit and and then with the help of a pot of green tea and some time on the couch, I had the first chapter done and fired off to her later that night for feedback. She told me “to keep going,” so I did!

4. What has been your favorite part of the publication process?

I have LOVED working with the amazing editors and publicists at Little Brown. My editor fought for my book every step of the way and always encouraged me and always had the characters’ best interests at heart. The whole team there has been tremendous and they just know how to treat people right!

5. What was your favorite part of writing THE MOCKINGBIRDS?

If I had to pick I would say the final edits because that’s when you could really see the whole story come together in an almost sort of magical, musical way.

6. Villains. Really, what more do I need to say? They rock. Give me your favorite villain.

Colonel Hans Landa in INGLORIOUS BASTERDS is probably the best ever villain. He made that movie magnificent and he was delightful to watch in his gleeful horribleness.

7. Most important question of all. Favorite kind of cupcake?

Chocolate buttercream from Kara’s cupcakes in San Francisco.

Thank you so much, Daisy, and major, major congratulations on your debut!! I’m incredibly proud of you.

Daisy Whitney is a new media producer, reporter, and internationally-known Web show creator, and The Mockingbirds is her debut novel. A graduate of Brown University, Daisy believes in shoes, chocolate chip cookies, and karma. She lives in San Francisco, California with her fabulous husband, fantastic kids, and adorable dog, and you can follow her writing blog and new media adventures at DaisyWhitney.com


Kiddos, any questions, or word love for Daisy, just leave it in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Tea Time with Daisy Whitney and The Mockingbirds

  1. Meg says:

    Fun interview! I’m definitely intrigued by The Mockingbirds and plan on picking it up soon. And how cool that Daisy was inspired by Courtney Summers, another relatively new young adult author! Love Cracked Up To Be!

  2. Annika says:

    I can’t wait to read this one! (Well, I have to wait, because I forgot to pre-order it and can’t get to the bookstore today. But I can’t wait LONG.)

  3. Kim Franklin says:

    I love Daisy! And The Mockingbirds!

  4. Alexa says:

    Great interview. The Mockingbirds is amazing, I loved it.

  5. The Mockingbirds is one of my favorites this year. Such a powerful book. Great interview!

  6. Laura W says:


    I LOVED THE MOCKINGBIRDS and have been passing around the ARC I was sent to everyone at the office.

    Thanks for this interview–you both are obviously amazing ladies.


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