These Dark Things…WITCHES.

So this week on “These Dark Things” we are doing WITCHES!!

And you probably think, “Oh, V, you got this. After all, isn’t that book of yours called The Near WITCH?!”

And to that I say:

I love Witches.

Witches are everywhere.

Witches are one of the most malleable paranormal forms.

So of course, when given this awesome, expansive category, I went old school.


In my defense, did you know that some of the original versions of the story now known as “Little Red Riding Hood” involved witchcraft? Specifically the grandmother as a witch. So in case you’re thinking, “Gawwwd, Victoria, why would you twist this fairy tale to Witches week? How lazy are you?” I just want to say that it DOES have ties to witchcraft. So hah.

And if that isn’t enough explanation then FINE OKAY I JUST LOVE FAIRY TALES SO THERE.


The wolf stood on the road that ran through the woods, and watched the slice of red between the trees.

The red thing was small and pretty as a flower before it’s plucked, petals all tucked close.

The wolf watched and wondered if he should eat it.

4 thoughts on “These Dark Things…WITCHES.

  1. yvette says:

    A great fresh take on a truly ancient story. Love it! Yvette Carol

  2. Lois Moss says:

    So nice. I love your writing style.

    • veschwab says:

      I’m so glad, because it is the one I have! I can change the stories and the voice, but my style will always be lurking.

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