Can you tell I’m plotting???

So I talk a lot online about exercise.

I am a pretty big proponent of it, not just in general, but as it relates to writing. Exercise, be it running or swimming, helps me organize my thoughts. In school I used to swim and make lists as I did laps, working through things I needed to do, or brainstorming homework assignments.

And it definitely translates to writing.

I swim and plot chapters, make notes to myself and then repeat them so I won’t forget before I get out of the pool (this is a trick, since my swims average an 1.25 hours, and of course I always have a REALLY IMPORTANT IDEA in the first five minutes). On longer runs I work through characters, I think about backstory.

Authors often talk about revision snacks, and I gained a couple pounds during edits, but I can always tell when I’m first-drafting because I’m in MUCH better shape.

In the last three days I…

Hiked this waterfall and surrounding slopes:

Ran 6.5 miles and barely noticed (until the next day when it hurt like a beast).

And swam 3500m (which isn’t actually a great distance for me, but hey look at those other two workouts! I call second day syndrome).

Now if only I could EDIT while exercising! I guess I just have to savor this part of the cycle…hmmm, cycling…

*checks exercise class schedule*


6 thoughts on “Can you tell I’m plotting???

  1. Kim Mills says:

    That is ridiculously beautiful! I wish you much luck in this plotting adventure of yours!

    • veschwab says:

      It was GORGEOUS. And of course, me being me, I didn’t take any of my own pictures! My friend and I are going to go back as the leaves change and take many more.

      And thank you! Plotting is always an adventure. Much like hiking. Exhilarating. And full of dangers :p

  2. Liz says:

    I actually do the same thing, but on a bike. (Or at the gym, which is perfect since I can easily stop and jot down a note as I work out.) My big plot holes are saved for 20+ mile bike rides since it’s easier to think about my WIP than the miles to bike ahead of me. 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    That waterfall looks like PARADISE to me! Where is this place? 🙂

    • veschwab says:

      It IS pretty close to paradise. It’s called Cummins Falls, and it’s about an hour outside Nashville. We had to basically rappel down to the bottom!

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