In the Land of V (A random update in list form b/c lists make me feel organized)


What’s happening in the Land of V? <–NOT to be mistaken for the drug underworld in True Blood

1. I finished FAT VAMPIRE, which was fun, and am starting ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, which I have heard marvelous things about. And then it's on to DEMONGLASS (yes, I know you are very jealous) and DELIRIUM.

2. I am working on a book. <–this should just be an assumption. I am never NOT working on a book.

3. I am waiting to see THE NEAR WITCH cover! Soon, I hope! Got to see the interior design and oooooohhhhhhhh. That's all I have to say about that.

4. I start some fall courses soon (I clearly just can't stay away from academia, even though I've put off PhD programs for another year so I'm not dealing with that right when NW comes out…and because I am relishing the relative freedom). But one of the classes is FOLKLORE AND LIT, so really, that HAS to be good, right?

5. Gearing up for the Decatur Book Festival! In case you didn't know, Myra and I were a little late in the ROOM RESERVATION department, and so we'll be sharing a "ROMANTIC GETAWAY PACKAGE" complete with bubbly and chocolate. Oh yeah.


7. Man, lists make me happy. So does bolding, apparently.

8. DEXTER also starts. DEXTER is my show. I just love me some dark passengers.

9. I also started an internship, in ALL my spare time.

10. I have been dating. This merits its own blog series, trust me. Maybe I’ll go on dates just so I have something to blog about. It can be my weekly adventure. But let me say that I have officially ended a date with the phrase: “I have to go buy bananas.”

11. I am getting kind of tired just reading my list! How long has it been since I last feasted on cupcakes? I must go find sugar.

But tell me, what is going on in your world?

I know some people are starting school, and others are at work, watching Buffy and feigning productivity, and others still are plotting world domination (aren’t we all?).

15 thoughts on “In the Land of V (A random update in list form b/c lists make me feel organized)

  1. Raven says:

    *giggles* Number 10 on your list would make for a very funny date scene in a book.

    Character 1: I have to go buy bananas.

    Character 2: Oh, then I guess I have to split?

    Hehe. You don’t have to tell me how amazingly corny that was. 😀

    Things going on with me?

    School starts in TWO WEEKS. And though I’ll be a junior, it still sucks that I have to go back… Summer went by way too fast.

    I’m also rewriting my novel, while trying to fend off SNIs that attack me constantly.

    Great list! ❤

    • veschwab says:

      Sadly, that’s pretty much EXACTLY how it went down. It was epic.

      Woo for starting school! You are an upperclassman now, so keep your chin up. Junior year will be GOOD.

      I find that beating down the SNIs with sticks, or distracting them with similarly shiny objects, is the best way to go.

  2. Harley May says:

    I love your list and your life, Victoria. Best of luck on the school endeavors and buying bannannas.


  3. Harley May says:

    Did not spell bananas correctly. I get banana and Mississippi mixed up. It’s a common mistake…. *leaves*

  4. Anna, yum! Cover, yum!

  5. Awesome list. Funny that we, too, are waiting for some things there like seeing the cover… 😀

  6. Nadine says:

    Exciting that your cover comes out soon!

    My week is basically one of editing and working. But I did spend today with a kumu (Hawaiian teacher) hiking and learning which was awesome, but I totally got sunburnt. So the rest of the weekend = aloe.

    • veschwab says:

      I can’t wait to see how it turns out! And then hopefully SHARE.

      A hike in Hawaii sounds AMAZING, despite too much sun. And editing + working…I feel you.

  7. Brendan says:

    Word. The job is getting busy and soon I’ll be back in class as well. So while we can, let us watch Raiders of the Lost Ark and do a Find/Replace for “to be” verbs in our WIP. (Saturday night is crazy up in here!)

  8. Jen says:

    Yay for awesome linkage of YOU!!! Thanks for stopping by and doing the interview at my blog!! I loved it as did several other of my bloggers! You were certainly a delight to have!!

    Anyone who loves cupcakes and pizza as much as I do makes them my bestie! 🙂

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