Let’s make a MESS. And then cover it up.

This week on the YA Rebels, the topic was structure.

Here I try to explain a little bit about WHY I make rules, temporal and spatial, in my books.

I also make a mess on my dining room table.

And will probably be finding push pins for the rest of the day.


6 thoughts on “Let’s make a MESS. And then cover it up.

  1. SM Schmidt says:

    The only mess that is easy to clean up involves magnets. But get a strong enough magnet and push pins are easy to clean up. The gold stars were my fav part, “A boy, a girl AND a dog.”

  2. Nadine says:

    Great analogy. I love your visuals cause you really bring it home to viewers.

  3. Love the video but I would really love to see you show us more on structure on order. Like you, my brain is a mess with ideas and I write more in scenes. But now I’m totally lost with my writing. I have an outline, I know what the ending is but I don’t know how to organise my writing – does something like Scrivener help? Is it a case of making a list of the main scenes in the book and then linking? HELP!

    • veschwab says:

      It’s so hard. I can’t explain more about structure on a scene/micro level because I’m AWFUL at it. I can never seem to force a structure beforehand; I write a lot of scenes and THEN stitch them together into the right shape. Any structuring I do in advance just suffocates me. So my only advice would be to write in whatever order you need to, especially in drafting. People swear by Scrivner, and I have it, and sometimes use it, but more in the piecing together stage than the drafting one…

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