TEA TIME is my brand new interview series!

That sounds kind of fun, doesn’t it? Does it make you want a scone? Some finger sandwiches? Now I’m hungry…

Anyway, I am lucky enough to kick things off with awesometastic (I don’t know WHY WordPress insists that isn’t a word) Rebecca Maizel, author of the incredible INFINITE DAYS.

First, before we even begin, LOOK AT THE COVER.

You know how I feel about covers. This is one I even mention in my cover art vlog. And and and INFINITE DAYS officially comes out TOMORROW!!

For the full pitch, head on over to the GoodReads page! Or, you can read another one over on the Amazon page. But be sure to come back!

Now, onto the interview!


1. Hey Rebecca, thanks for kicking off the Tea Time series! Give us the essence of INFINITE DAYS in as few words as possible.

The essence…hmm. I would say when you sit down to read Infinite Days, Lenah will make you feel, awake. Everything is new to her, even the smell of cookies and coffee. Oh, woops. This isn’t a few words. I stink at this.

Okay, take two:

The moment right before you kiss. Those seconds right before the lips touch – that’s what Infinite Days feels like.

2. Oh, well put! Now tell us a bit about YOU.

Former bartender. Former radio DJ. Bichon Frise LOVER (my dog Louie is a person, I swear.) Favorite items include: my printer, Stop and Shop seltzer water, coffeeeeeeee and very pointy pens. Purple ink or black.

3. Mmmm pens. I do love pens. Pilot V5 Precise are so nice too….Oh, sorry! So, the journey is different for everyone, so much so that I don’t think there is a normal path to publication. Give us a glimpse into yours.

It took me eight months to write, ID. It came out of a very visceral place, a place that commanded that I write Lenah’s story. I queried a publisher looking for unsolicited manuscripts. The agent came next. It was backwards but I’m a firm believer that a well written query can open the doors to publication.

ID wasn’t my first book, I wrote a lot of fiction and creative work before IDays. That’s the thing, you need to keep writing every day. You need to believe that the piece you are working on matters, even if no one ever sees it.

4. What has been your favorite part of the publication process?

Writing. Lame answer, I know. But seriously! That I get to wake up every day and write is an amazing, amazing, thing. I’ll never get over how incredible it feels.

5. What was your favorite part of writing ID?

When Lenah’s voice came to me for the first time. I couldn’t write fast enough, I couldn’t get her words onto the page quick enough!

6. Villains. Really, what more do I need to say? They rock. Give me your favorite villain.

Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter # 5. I have never wanted to jump through a book and THROTTLE someone so badly.

7. YES. YES A THOUSAND TIMES UMBRIDGE HAUNTS MY DREAMS WITH KITTEN PLATES… Okay, most important question of all. Favorite kind of cupcake?

ANYTHING buttercream. Or chocolate. Chocolate buttercream!?

Mmmm, delicious.

And a delicious book, kids. Go forth and purchase!

If you have ANY comments or questions for miss Maizel, she has agreed to answer them, so post them in the comments section!

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19 thoughts on “TEA TIME. Rebecca Maizel + INFINITE DAYS.

  1. Scott Tracey says:

    Fantastic interview, Victoria and Rebecca! Now I want finger sandwiches AND I want to throttle Dolores Umbridge. Busy, busy Monday.

  2. Linda G. says:

    That cover is full of awesome! Thanks, both of you, for great interview. I love getting to know a little bit about authors before I read their books.

    Rebecca, I am totally with you on Dolores Umbridge. I wanted to shake her until her teeth rattled, and THEN throttle her. Grrr.

    • veschwab says:

      It’s so pretty. They eye.

      And Rebecca won my enduring approval for her choice of villain. Really, villain choice is right up there with cupcake choice!

  3. That cover rocks!!! Good job, V.

  4. Susan Adrian says:

    Thanks, V and Rebecca!

    Question for Rebecca: There’s a lot of talk about how the market is “glutted” with vampire books, but I’ve heard this one stands out. Can you tell us how ID is different than the traditional take on vamps?

  5. Kait Nolan says:

    That really IS a great cover. V, you should expand the cupcake question to “favorite tea time pastry” to go with your theme for the interviews 😀

  6. Rebecca says:

    Well, Infinite Days is different because it’s about humanity. It’s about choice and coming out of the darkness. Most vampire books are about entering darkness and entering that Gothic, mysterious world. All my main character, Lenah, wants to do is leave that world behind. Breathe, fall in love, eat, taste…this book is about finding out how amazing life can be not about how amazing UNlife can be 🙂

  7. Susan Adrian says:

    Thanks, Rebecca. Sounds intriguing!

  8. Rebecca, Louie should meet Biscotti-the-puggle. I swear Biscotti had NO idea she was a dog until we got Puggle #2… and even now she’s still not quite sure.

    On a writerly note — I’m excited to read ID, it sounds fascinating. Lenah sounds like a truly powerful narrator!

  9. Nadine says:

    Victoria – love the idea of tea time!

    Rebeccam – congrats on Infinite Days!

    Dolores Umbridge – eek! She reminded me of my old landlord. Totally made me squirm when reading and watching the movie!

  10. I love tea time so, and with two such lovely ladies! Can’t wait to read ID!!!!

  11. Rebecca says:

    Did someone say CAKE!? I shall come to Nashville. I shall!!!

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