Weekend Update! Now with more RANDOM.

So, this past week:

– I waited.

-Someone threw a brick through my car window an hour before a major midterm on Augustine and Virgil.

-I had a major midterm (as mentioned above).

-I got the rest of my advance! I only got the first part a week or so ago (that’s what happens when things are late) but yay for creeping ever so slightly and slowly away from destitution.

-I waited some more.

-I tried to decide what to work on while waiting.

-I opened 43 word documents.

-I ate two cupcakes. And a lot of cookies.

-I copyedited the entire NEAR WITCH manuscript.

-I sent 19 neurotic emails (and 300+ less neurotic ones).

-I watched Salt, Zombieland, and The Forbidden Kingdom.

-I learned that the NEAR WITCH cover is going to be shot VERY SOON.

-I refreshed my email approximately 463 times.

-I read MATCHED (Ally Condie), and HOURGLASS (Myra McEntire), THE CONFESSIONS (St. Augustine), and THE CONSOLATION (Boethius).

-I purchased STOLEN (Lucy Christopher), WHITE CAT (Holly Black), and FIRE (Kristin Cashore) ←already read but didn’t own.

-I listened to songs by My Terrible Friend on repeat.

-I worked on a short story involving a modern Scheherazade, the morning after, and a kitchen knife.

Anything fun/interesting happen in YOUR world?

12 thoughts on “Weekend Update! Now with more RANDOM.

  1. Oh my, your week was certainly eventful! I’ve been on some very busy night shifts looking after sick patients so that’s kept ME busy. I’ve had a revelation today about my writing which I have to tell someone – I’ve been stuck on the beginning of my WIP for a long time now, so much so that I just couldn’t get past it and so nothing was being written. Like a thunderbolt from the sky, I had a sudden revelation so simple in nature that I can’t believe I never thought of it before. I was starting with the wrong POV. DOH! Now I’m writing from the second main character and it feels RIGHT! Much better 🙂

    • veschwab says:

      And these were just the things I can talk about publicly!!

      And YES. It’s amazing what a small tweak/change in direction can do! I’m so happy you had your revelation. It’s a GOOD feeling 🙂

  2. Nadine says:

    That sucks about your window! I’m so sorry!

    This week, I said goodbye to family I might not see for another year, flew back from California, cleaned and did laundry, and edited.

    • veschwab says:

      It was NOT a good way to start the day. And it was a WEDNESDAY. Wednesdays are already hard :p But the rest of the day went better.

      Saying goodbye is always really hard :\

      But it sounds like you were otherwise productive!! I hope you rewarded yourself appropriately.

    • veschwab says:

      Yes. Big effing brick!! I came out to my car in the morning and found it thrown through the window. Only things missing (and I had A LOT of crap in my car): $5 headphones. $20 radar detector.

      Boo 😦

  3. SM Schmidt says:

    Your week was not certainly not one of the funner sounding ones.

    After a week of awful sleeping I went to a wedding. Arrived early just in time to see the poor bride being photographed on the lawn near where guests were suppose to mingle. Awkward until the ceremony started then everything became lovely.

    • veschwab says:

      It was a roller coaster, to be sure. Some really cool/good stuff happened too, and finding out about the NW cover shoot was DAY-MAKING.

      And weddings are always an odd mix of awkward, stress, and pretty.

  4. You were busy! Was I the recipient of any of those 19 emails???

  5. 43 Word documents?!

    I loved STOLEN, btw. Fantastic book.

  6. HOLY CRAP. *hugs* I’m glad you’re okay, at least. @_@

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