Best and Worst Advice

This week on the YA Rebels we’re talking ADVICE. Of the good AND the bad variety.

I also polled the interwebs to see what they had to say, too.

Deb Harkness: Best: write every day. Worst: write every day. Sad, but true! Sometimes, the words are just stuck and it’s better to take a walk!

Paul Greci: Best advice: Never give up. Worst advice: Don’t even start.

Shelley Watters: Best: From Colleen Lindsay a month is like a minute in publishing. Worst: Publishing is luck and who you know, not how well you can write.

Maria Sweet: Worst: worst advice EVER I’ve been given regarding writing/publishing was to query before I finished a MS and to query even if what I have is only one chapter.

Sara Winters: BEST: To listen to the characters and not worry about everything so much. Let the first draft write itself.

Christopher Morris: Best: Write drunk, Edit sober- Hemingway.

Angela Cerrito: Best: From Markus Zusak “put something unexpected on every page”, From Kathleen Duey “keep going, don’t stop, be true to your story”…

Kristi Cook: I think the very best advice I’ve ever gotten is that the very best thing you can do for your career is to simply write more–rather than driving yourself nuts and wasting all your energy trying to promote a book, you’re better served concentrating on writing the *next* book, and the next, and the next. Good writing is the best “promotion” there is.

Kirsten Hubbard: Best advice I’ve ever gotten was to write than next book. too many aspiring authors sit back and wait while they’re querying. plus, nothing cures rejection blues like having a new project you’re excited about. a little more complicated advice is this gem from my college screenwriting professor: give them what they want, not what they expect.

Randy Russell: BEST ADVICE: “Write what you don’t know.” From Stanley Elkin, R.I.P.

Bettina Restrepo: Best advice came from my mother when I was 16…. and desperately wanted an expensive purse. “If you get everything you want now… what will there be to look forward to later.”


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3 thoughts on “Best and Worst Advice

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wednesday Didn’t Rant
    It’s not a rant. You’re passionate about your subject and wearing your feelings on your sleeve. (Yes, even though you’re wearing a sleeveless blouse.)
    I saw nothing wrong with this.

  2. jongibbs says:

    There are some great answers there.
    I especially like Bettina’s 🙂
    PS: For some reason, there’s a huge chunk of space between the header and the video.

  3. msstacy13 says:

    “Write Every Day” is the best advice Buddy Holly ever received.
    Your results may vary.

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