This kind of sums my day up.

Today’s tweets, in order:

Spazzing. <–there was a meeting of import.

You know when you get nervous and then you get hungry and so you eat but way too fast because you're nervous and then you feel ill? YEAH.

I need to write this last paper and study but I can't stop zoning out. Curses.

(Are you ready? Here's where it gets fun…)

You know what's AWESOME? When you turn in edits, celebrate, eat a cookie, and then realize there is a PLOT ISSUE.

I shall now fix this crisis with some LOUD MUSIC. Because if I can't hear myself think, I can't think about how I f***ed up.

I shall also, while playing said music, try to recall the moment today when my CP compared me to AN AMAZING AUTHOR, and I won't weep.

The weeping, of course, stems from the fact that I'm relatively certain said author wouldn't make such a sad little plot hole.


3 thoughts on “This kind of sums my day up.

  1. tessagratton says:

    Even in copy edits. Srsly. Actually, if you go to CE your copy editor will probably mark it and be all “can we get this tied up?”

  2. veschwab says:

    Hehe thanks bb. I’ve just been trying so hard to catch everything, and whenever we edge close to “done” I find something :pp
    My editor is going to trade me in for a better model, I fear.

  3. tessagratton says:

    At least there are multiple rounds of everthing. I’m already imagining the stress of “final pass pages.” *dies*
    Though, I kind of hope I’ll just be so done I’ll go through them and then celebrate, offering any remaining mistakes to the gods as sacrifice.

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