Where am I? And where am I going?

So I’ve been a bit thin on the blogging lately. Mostly because I’m not quite sure what to post. The vlogs take up some of my waning mental capacity, and I feel like you probably don’t want to hear about the life-angst (trying to figure out my future right now).

I’m getting to the point where I’ve considered taking a road trip JUST so I’d have something fun to blog about!

So, I thought I’d ask you.

What do you want to see more of here?


Random, rambling life updates?


More of a schedule? (i.e. Monday life update, Wednesday vlog, Friday awesome topic)

Teaser and/or snippets?

Themed posts?

Deeper explorations on topics?




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5 thoughts on “Where am I? And where am I going?

  1. lisa_laura says:

    TEASERS! Please.

  2. gigglievs says:

    I like that idea, too!

  3. soniag says:

    I personally like to read about angst and other rambly life stuff. But I know whatever you do, you’ll make it interesting, so just follow your instincts!

  4. jessica_shea says:

    I am fond of teasers (yours are all gorgeous) and processy posts. Also, I like rambly life posts. And I’m always a fan of knowing what everyone else is reading.

  5. Anonymous says:

    TEASERS! Actually, just updates on your book would be absolutely awesome- how it’s going, possible release date?, cover updates, etc. That’s what I’m dying to know. Also, Q&A and a schedule would be great too 😀

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