My life so often comes out in list form.

I know I owe a post with actual substance, and promise I will generate one of those SOON.

In the meantime, I give you…a list.

1. Started line edits, and am curiously in love with their specificity. You guys, this also means there is AN END IN SIGHT. Somewhere. Tucked behind a few weeks and a few hundred pages. Hopefully.

2. Several people have asked me about a trailer for NW. Now, NW doesn’t come out for forever and a day, so the trailer won’t actually go up for some time, BUT. I have started it. And I am excited. It is stop motion.

3. I am having sinus headaches severe enough to make me wonder if I’m really a vampire and my fangs are just now coming in.

4. I got into Middlebury’s Summer Language Program! I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to go yet, BUT. It’s very cool. It’s an INCREDIBLE program, and would be invaluable for my PhD path, and if I DO go, I’m going to need some guest bloggers, so keep it in mind if you’d be up for that 🙂

5. I have a new critique partner! I have a total author crush on her, so that makes it shiny. Perhaps there shall be an unveiling.

6. This upcoming week is INSANE. I’m meeting with my high school’s Creative Writing class, interviewing at Learning Lab for a course I hope to teach with Amanda Morgan, going to my five-year high school reunion (WEEPING AT MY OLD AGE), co-hosting one of my closest friend’s bridal showers, helping my mom with a catering event, AND meeting Sonia Gensler and Myra McEntire for coffee. And doing line edits.

ETA: 7. Sitting near a VERY ATTRACTIVE boy, who is left-handed, and studying quantum mechanics. And I’m not wearing makeup. NEVER AGAIN, LJ. NEVER AGAIN.

But I WILL have a post of substance, I promise. Once I survive #6.

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9 thoughts on “My life so often comes out in list form.

  1. bluemalibu says:

    you are a busy girl
    enjoy all of it, and good luck with all of it!!!!!!

  2. #3 would be awesome, should it come to pass that you have fangs. Otherwise it just sucks.
    Glad to hear about Middlebury.
    Did you talk to the hot boy?

  3. soniag says:

    Lots of YAY here! 😀

  4. catie_james says:

    5 years? Seriously?! My 15th is coming in June as is my mother’s *40th*. Trust me – you’re not old. 🙂

  5. veschwab says:

    Thank you! This time seems even busier than most!

  6. veschwab says:

    I’m beginning to doubt the fangs are coming in :p
    And I didn’t talk to the hot boy! Curse my shyness.

  7. veschwab says:

    I can’t wait to see you!!

  8. veschwab says:

    Hehe, well I FEEL old :p

  9. alannah7 says:

    my life also comes out in list form… much too often for it to be a sane mind xD!

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