PM listing! AT LAST!


Many people have asked me in the past few months where my PM listing was, did they miss it, why wasn’t it up, was it going to be up, or something to that effect.

Well, it’s FINALLY HERE.

April 11, 2010

Children’s: Young Adult

Victoria Schwab’s debut novel THE NEAR WITCH, a darkly romantic original fairy tale set on enchanted moors where children are disappearing from their beds at night, and a 16 year old girl must protect a mysterious boy whom the villagers accuse of kidnapping, to Abby Ranger at Disney-Hyperion, for publication in Summer 2011, by FinePrint Literary Management (world English).


A NOTE: I feel like I’m trying to double up on my YAY! and *HUGS* and OTHER FORMS OF DIGITAL ENTHUSIASM because most of the time when people first announce their book deal they show the PM listing with it, but I had to wait on mine for various reasons, and I know it should seem like no surprise/no big deal after eight months of edits…but this is A BIG DEAL for me. It makes it seem REAL. It’s an official declaration.

It’s like, in the south, we have debuts, where you’re introduced to society. This is my debut, my introduction, and I feel like I’ve finally, truly joined the party.

And I’ve NEVER been able to sum up NW in one sentence. I marvel.

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49 thoughts on “PM listing! AT LAST!

  1. Anonymous says:

    CONNNNGRATULAAAAATIONS!!!! ***massive hug***

  2. jmeadows says:

    Awesome! Hurrah!

  3. kessie says:

    Yay! It’s all official and-and shiny!

  4. SQUEEEEE! Congratulations!!!!!! Getting that announcement really does mean so much! Congratulations!

  5. sandy_shin says:

    Yay! That’s so awesome!

  6. seeyouupside says:

    So I just wanted to let you know that your book description on PM makes TNW, to me, sound like a sexy, older HOCUS POCUS (the movie). šŸ˜‰
    Yay for Victoria and Abby Ranger Danger and PM!!! And lots of sparkles!

  7. sharigreen says:

    Awesome! Yay for “officially” joining the party. Woohooo! šŸ˜€

  8. olmue says:

    Congratulations! It sounds like an awesome book!

  9. jemacleod says:

    Oohhhh…so pretty and official!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. lisa_laura says:

    YAY!!!! Congrats V!

  11. sjmaas says:

    YAY!!! That is SO exciting!! šŸ˜€

  12. tamarak says:

    Congrats on Official Declaration!

  13. elanajohnson says:

    Congrats!! And you have more patience than anyone I know, anywhere, at any time. You rock!

  14. veschwab says:

    Haha thanks Elana! I’m just thankful I didn’t have to sit on the news itself the whole time– I would have lost my mind! But it’s so nice finally see it in an “official” capacity :p

  15. veschwab says:

    Thank you! It feels amazing to have someone else publicly state it since I’ve been shouting it for months :p

  16. veschwab says:

    Thanks girls! My book feels REAL :p Though I’m sure it will only get more and more so. And I’m in AWE of the people who managed to condense it into one sentence :p

  17. veschwab says:

    Thank you!! It’s so nice to have a public declaration šŸ™‚

  18. veschwab says:

    Thank you so much!!

  19. veschwab says:

    Hehe thanks Shari!!

  20. veschwab says:

    Hahaha you rock my socks, Miss Simon. ROCK.

  21. veschwab says:

    It really does! I feel so silly, but it makes the book feel real, and acknowledged, and it’s possible I read the listing SEVERAL times today :p

  22. robinellen says:

    Very cool — and it sounds wonderful (can’t wait to read it)!

  23. veschwab says:

    Thanks Helen!!! :)))

  24. veschwab says:

    Thanks Jodi! It’s so cool to see the book acting all real :p

  25. veschwab says:

    Thank you, Squeaky!! I’ve been waiting eight months for this!

  26. veschwab says:

    Thank you so much Robin!! They did a great job squeezing my book into one sentence, far better than I could have done!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    WOO HOO!!! So excited for you!

  28. jessica_shea says:

    Hooray! I can’t wait to read it, Victoria! It sounds amazing.

  29. veschwab says:

    Thank you, Christine!!!

  30. veschwab says:

    Thanks, Jessica!

  31. mindiscott says:

    Yay! Congrats!
    I know exactly how you’re feeling! It was five months from when my book sold to when it was posted on PM. (My editor wanted to settle on a new title before it was announced.)

  32. sheela_chari says:

    Very cool – I love the description!

  33. Congratulations! :))

  34. Anonymous says:

    YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!
    Ridiculously I am SO proud of you right now!!!!
    I hope you had that celebratory cocktail and a cupcake ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
    Tye xxxx

  35. veschwab says:

    Haha OH I DID.
    Thank you so much bb. For your CONSTANT SPARKLE.

  36. veschwab says:

    Thanks!! šŸ˜€

  37. veschwab says:

    Thanks Sheela! They did a great job over at D*H coming up with it šŸ™‚

  38. veschwab says:

    Thanks Mindi, and EXACTLY. It makes it finally feel OFFICIAL.

  39. So happy for you, girl!! CONGRATS!!

  40. jongibbs says:

    Congratulations, you must be well chuffed šŸ™‚

  41. kaitnolan says:

    Congrats! That’s so exciting!

  42. veschwab says:

    Thank you! I finally feel real :p

  43. veschwab says:

    Thank you so much, bb.

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