The honest truth about agent hunting, and life in general.

So, it’s my turn over at the YA Rebels, and it’s AGENT HUNT week.

I was going to do a fun vlog.

It was going to involve baking analogies.

Then it was going to involve 4th grade leprechaun-catching demonstrations.

But I couldn’t do it.

None of it rang true. None of it conveyed the most important piece of advice I have to give.

So I made this.

If you have any issues viewing, you can go HERE.

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4 thoughts on “The honest truth about agent hunting, and life in general.

  1. daisywhitney says:

    I didn’t query my agent either! I queried someone else at WME and she passed it onto my agent for the same reason — it was a good fit for her. So you never know!
    And I’m wondering — how do you keep your chin up and head down at the same time!

  2. veschwab says:

    Only a pro knows how to keep their chin up AND their head down :p It’s an art!
    And yay for unconventional but happy endings!

  3. noirbettie says:

    You are both adorable and wise.

  4. arieleishen says:

    Thank you so much for that! Every little bit helps….truly. 🙂

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