Vania’s Life Captures

Hey guys. Okay, I SWEAR I’m going to do a post with some content/thought/use to society, instead of just directing you elsewhere.


Remember I showed the picture of Lexi, my MC, done for me by the AMAZING Vania?

Yes, that picture.

Well, Vania is giving away a print. And I REALLY want that print. All I need to do is have people add her blog to their following list, RIGHT HERE YES CLICK HERE THANK YOU. (And you should really follow anyway because she’s insanely talented). If you do this, just leave a little note in the contest entry, saying I sent you. Each time that happens, I get a point.

Please, guys?


Oh, and if you do it, leave a comment here so I can THANK YOU.

*pulls on tennis ensemble, wanders off into the depths of writing cave/tennis court again*

4 thoughts on “Vania’s Life Captures

  1. sandy_shin says:

    I’ve followed & commented. Hope you’ll get the print!

  2. veschwab says:

    Thank you so, so much!!

  3. jessica_shea says:

    I followed and commented. Vania’s photography is amazing, so thank you for urging us! I hope you win. And good luck with the tennis.

  4. veschwab says:

    Thank you, Jessica!!!

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