The YARebels – It’s Wednesday, my turn!!

Hey all. So I’ve mentioned the YARebels once or twice, but it’s a vlogging group I’m a part of, along with six other lovely writers, and we kick off this week. Each week we cover a different topic, and we each post on a separate day. I’m Wednesday, and so today’s my first video!

I’d REALLY love it if you’d take a look, come by, say hi, whatever you have time to do! Look, I even put it right here, so all you have to do is click the play button!

And did I mention that wonderful author Daisy Whitney AND the incredible Catt, from The Dreamer Reader blog (this one goes up later) BOTH did video responses? Did I mention how much that makes my day/night/week?? Because it DOES.

The YARebels can be found:
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