The Unbeatable, Unstoppable, Indefinable Courtney Summers

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(I think Edit Fairy likes Gaga’s look)

How can I describe Courtney Summers?

Well, I know how I describe her BOOKS. Her books are brutal, un-put-downable, wonderful, wrenching, real, disturbing, addictive, destructive and FABULOUS. I once described her upcoming book, Some Girls Are, as “suicidal teletubbies with purple lipstick and switchblades.” There is this incredible push-pull in Courtney’s books, something akin to morbid curiosity. You just can’t stop looking.

Describing Courtney as a person gets trickier, only because I don’t have the right words. Courtney and I have had a roller coaster year, but she’s been beside me every step of the way. We’ve cheered each other on at the fun parts, and she’s given me an incredible shoulder at the really NOT fun parts, and even let me emotionally vomit on her a few times when the ride got out of hand. Essentially, she’s been there. And she’s become an incredibly close friend. Not only is Courtney one of the nicest, most accessible writers out there, not only is she INSANELY talented, and getting some of the praise she absolutely deserves, but I can say that she has made a profound impact on my life, and that I wouldn’t be where I am if not for her.

Courtney, thank you. Thanks for filling my good days with ~*~*~ and my bad days with hugs and rants and every day with emoticons, capslock, acronyms, enthusiasm and love.

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21 thoughts on “The Unbeatable, Unstoppable, Indefinable Courtney Summers

  1. daisywhitney says:

    THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH SUPERLATIVES TO DESCRIBE THE AWESOMENESS OF COURTNEY SUMMERS. Her first novel inspired me to write YA and she continues to be my best line editor and brainstormer!

  2. susanadrian says:

    Courtney is…*words fail at the awesomeness*

  3. Courtney is MADE OF WIN!

  4. novaren says:

    To Courtney!
    Truly one of the most incredible, talented, hilarious, wise, supportive, kind, inspiring, most AWESOME people I’ve ever come across!
    I love this post.

  5. ~*~
    Awwww! I love you BOTH!!
    I think between the two of you, you’ve sucked up like 50% of the world’s total supply of awesome.

  6. dawn_metcalf says:

    Can I just say that you *BOTH* rock?! 😉

  7. veschwab says:

    I know. I honestly cannot put it in words! Courtney’s level of awesome is just…yeah.

  8. veschwab says:

    Re: ~*~
    Haha goodness I hope there’s not a cap on that world supply of awesome! :p

  9. veschwab says:

    To Courtney 🙂
    Well said, dear. Well said.

  10. veschwab says:

    Yes she is!! MADE. OF. WIN.

  11. veschwab says:

    Haha well of course you can :p

  12. Anonymous says:

    ummm also: this is SO NICE OF YOU. just letting you know. because sometimes people can go days without hearing someone saying something nice about them. it’s always good to hear it…even better to see it written down for you.

  13. veschwab says:

    Aw, well thank you Nicole. I do it because, well, as you suggest, I know how much it makes MY day to get a lovely note or a nod, and there are people in my life (far too many to blog about) that really deserve such nods and notes. Incredible day-brighteners, these people 🙂

  14. Anonymous says:

    Courtney Summers is the HOTTEST husband to be had on the internets. Just sayin’. 😉

  15. Anonymous says:

    May I say a big DITTO? ~*~
    Linda G.

  16. Anonymous says:

    You. Are. Lovely. I know that seems like such a small thing to say in reply to such a wonderful post that I do! Not! Feel! Worthy! to be on the receiving end of–but words, even though we both deal in them, kinda suck when it comes to expressing how much this means to me, V. TY for your friendship & your support. It’s good to know you and not just because you do extraordinarily kind things like this. 🙂

  17. veschwab says:

    Yes, sometimes it’s all that needs to be said 🙂

  18. veschwab says:


  19. Anonymous says:

    Courtney is indeed a total legend!!! Which I why I gave up werewolves for her…
    Well said by all above so I shall not even attempt to compete 🙂
    Tye x

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