The Grimm Off!

It’s time for the Grimm Off!

What is the Grimm Off? Well!

My friend and incredibly talented author, Scott Tracey (whose book, WITCH EYES debuts 2011 with Flux), was helping me one night. I was cranky because I hadn’t written anything, and so he told me to write him a fairy tale. And then I asked him to write one, too, we threw in a few prompts, and here we are!

With a challenge.
And a voter’s prize.
All hosted by the wonderful Tye.

Both of our stories are posted over at:

the blog of the lovely Tye Cattenach

(You should all follow her anyway, as she’s lovely) and you simply go over there and have a read and vote! There’s even a treat for a voter.

Sounds like fun, yes?

Please go have a look if you get a chance. I can’t promise mine is any good (edits came as I started to write, and I’ll use that excuse as much as I’m able) but it’s such a fun idea (who doesn’t love fairy tales?) and we’d both love your support!

Here’s a snippet from mine:

“Easy as sneezing,” the old man said, pouring tea, and it bothered John because it wasn’t quite a rhyme. John was not given to liking things that were almost, but just shy of, what they ought to be. The old man chuckled, though, showing very sharp teeth where most old men would have only gums and a stray molar. He leaned across and stuck one long, old finger into John’s tea and swirled it for him, and went on.
“Simple as crumbs. You’ve just got to choose.”

(Note: Children were harmed in the telling of these stories)

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