Life Without School.

Life without school is strange.

I would be in classes by now, my schedule dictated to me, my time divided among professors (really like a dead animal among lions, leaving me to scrounge for a few minutes here or there to write).

But I’m not in school anymore, and I don’t quite know what to do about that, so naturally I am attempting a faux school schedule (only to fail miserably because I don’t actually have to keep to it. Hmm).

Anyway, things have been busy, and seeing as how they promise to get much, much busier, I suppose I should stop ditching “school” and get to work!


Things I am doing, trying to do, or contemplating doing:

-Writing up a proposal for a community education workshop on query letters (don’t laugh, I was asked to do it)

-Doing edit-prep work for NEAR WITCH (essentially mapping out the story, chapter by chapter, with emotional impact, plot, and other fun things)

-Trying (still) to finish the draft of ALL THINGS BETWEEN

-Working on my Personal Statement for Brown

-Trying to put together a list of MFA programs since I just realized I won’t have the language credentials in time for the PhD programs. So NOW the plan is to do an MFA and then consider the PhD. I don’t mind this so much, because a two-year commitment is automatically more appealing in the immediate future than a six-year commitment. And considering my first book will come out while I’m enrolled, the idea of a little more flexibility is a welcome thing.

-Contemplating a stack of French language books

-Contemplating the ever-growing pile of books I have and want to read

-Trying to take care of a household of misfit animals, where one is always sick or in need of SOMETHING


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One thought on “Life Without School.

  1. beedeecee says:

    which kind of MFA will you be applying for? i’m applying to creative writing programs and have my final list, so let me know if you want to talk shop! 🙂

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