Thoughts on Thursday

1. This has been a trying week. My family was very, very worried that our dog, Mitzi, had cancer. I found out yesterday that she did not! I don’t think I’ve been this happy in a long time.

(My dad saw this pic and his first words were, “get that damn cat of my desk!”)

2. I am very ready for August to come to an end.

3. No more ATB teasers, because they would start giving plot away, and we can’t have that, but I am, as suggested by point #1, SO close to having a finished first draft. I should also point out that the gap between this first draft and the second draft is more of a chasm of suck.

4. I’ve been “studying” for the GREs. By “studying” I mostly mean doing a set, flinging up my arms in frustration, pacing the house, returning to examine the extent of my failure, whimpering softly, and then starting over. It’s not going well.

5. I’m going to Shakespeare in the Park tonight. They’re performing The Complete Works in 90 minutes (which I saw in London, and it is hilarious), and I think it will do a world of good to get out of this house, away from these study guides and stressers, and just relax and laugh.

6. Whatever, Martha!

I can’t get enough of this show. It cracks me up! It’s Martha Stewart’s daughter and her best friend watching Martha’s footage and mocking her. Then they try to do what she does, just to show it’s NOT as easy as it looks.

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One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday

  1. rowanda380 says:

    not so random commenter
    yay, I am so happy for your puppy and family!

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