Sometimes people just AMAZE you with their awesomeness.

My friend Tiffany sent me this:


The Fireworks story:

We used to live at the top of a hill in a subdivision of large houses. My dad and I love fireworks, so we got a fairly large six-shooter canister. We put it at the edge of the driveway, and lit it. The first firework went straight up, but we noticed the second one veered left. The canister was tipping over from the force of the blast. By the third explosion, the canister was on its side and proceeded to fire shells at the surrounding houses. :/ Luckily, none of the blasts hit windows, but they did explode in the street, in a yard, and about two inches above a roof :p


One thought on “SPARKLEBOX.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aah, great vlog! STOP MAKING GREAT VLOGS THEY MAKE ME WANT TO VLOG. Tiff’s packages were amazing.
    Also that fireworks story is priceless. Heh. As long as no one lost an eye…

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