I feel that lists express me.

I like lists.

They allow me to pretend I am an orderly person. I am not.

1. This is one of those weeks with the *potential* to be amazing. And terrifying. And exhausting. But one way or another it will end with home!

2. I’m re-reading NEAR WITCH right now, and I’m always surprised by how stressed/nervous I get! Like I’m suddenly terrified I’ll find a different book there on the page, or that it will be terrible, or wrong.

3. It’s my last day at my cousin’s house before I begin my trek home. Plowing through Nevada and Utah, before spending a couple days with friends in Denver, CO. Then my dad is flying in and the two of us are barreling through the final leg (Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee) to get home. And THEN, I’m sleeping for a week.

4. I’m (hopefully) getting my laptop back tomorrow! I’m so sad because it broke just as I was uploading a vlog (and it was a cute one, too!) Maybe the vlog will survive the crash.

5. I am having a bit of cover love, this time with OF BEES AND MIST. I tend to love silhouette and/or cut paper covers anyway, and I saw this one across the store, and it *felt* fairy tale even before I got close enough to read the copy. I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the orange, but in person it really works, and the details in the black are wonderful!

6. The cousin and I are off to get Chinese food in San Francisco today!

7. I seem to be on an unofficial mission to read EVERY YA vampire book, for some reason. Don’t ask. I have NO idea how this coincidence has become a quest, but I’m now on M.T. Anderson’s THIRSTY.

8. On a semi-related note, True Blood: OMG!!!

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4 thoughts on “I feel that lists express me.

  1. rowanda380 says:

    not so random commenter
    such good Chinese food in San Fran, enjoy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope it’s AMAZING.
    Also, I’m glad you’ll be reunited with your computer soon AND that Of Bees and Mist cover is fabulous. 🙂

  3. veschwab says:

    Re: not so random commenter
    It was delicious!

  4. veschwab says:

    *fingers crossed*
    I cannot WAIT to be reunited with the computer. ATB and I were having a bit of a rough time, but I’ve missed the project dearly, and I feel that that’s a good sign.
    I LOVE that cover. In person it is *~*~*~* Just like you 🙂

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