Why Yes, I AM Still Alive

Hello all!

I made my way through Rapid City, SD (city of tweens) and into Billings, MT (where the computer crash occurred) and then to Butte, MT (where the AMAZING Susan Adrian welcomed me), from there to Boise, ID and through Reno, NV and finally today to Sacramento.

There have been:

-Basque festivals
-Amazing cheese plates
-After hours bookstore raids
-Hard cider
-Dinners alone
-Books listened to (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Looking For Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines)
-More than 3,000 miles driven
-Hot springs
-Banana bread
-Crashed computers (should be fixed in 3-5 days)
-Floor beds, air beds, king beds, queen beds, suites
-Yarn bombing
-Sparkles (no, it’s NOT the same as glitter)

Tonight I’m staying with friends of my mothers, and they’re very much like unofficial grandparents. I went on a walk with the woman, Carol, and when we got back the man, Bob, was washing my car for me! And then, when I was getting ready for bed he stopped me to say he’d put a pocket knife in my purse, because “every young lady should have one.” :p

Tomorrow, it’s off to my destination, the bay area! I’ll get to relax and have fun with my cousin Nadia for a week before I begin the trek home!


9 thoughts on “Why Yes, I AM Still Alive

  1. olmue says:

    I’m glad you made it across the middle, safe and sound! (Well, except for your computer. 😦 Hope it’s up and running soon.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    HA!! I prefer pepper spray to pocket knives, myself. I feel for the person who surprises me in the dark. 😉 I have a fluffy-fluffy bed just ~waiting~ for you here in Denver — and a restaurant experience you will NEVAH forget. *cue mariachi music* Also, a poodle and a cat who believe themselves to be truly STARVED for affection…maybe there is something you could do about that? ~~continued safe travels!~~

  3. veschwab says:

    Thanks! The car held up, and the laptop will hopefully resume it’s rightful place beside me soon! (I feel like I’m missing a limb!)

  4. veschwab says:

    I love beds!
    I love food experiences!
    I love affection-starved pets!
    All these things + you = A-FREAKING-MAZING 🙂

  5. jongibbs says:

    Sounds like you’re having fun 🙂

  6. rowanda380 says:

    no longer random commenter
    sounds like the trip is going well!

  7. veschwab says:

    I am! I want to sleep for a week though!

  8. veschwab says:

    Re: no longer random commenter
    It has! Computer death aside, it’s been splendid!

  9. Anonymous says:

    he stopped me to say he’d put a pocket knife in my purse, because “every young lady should have one.” :p
    That also needs tobe in a book!
    Glad it’s going well bb. & Way glad your computer is fixable!!!

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