Rapid City, SD!

Yesterday was a long, long winding road of a day. I didn’t make a vlog of it because:

a. I was tired and wanted to focus on driving
b. I hadn’t washed my hair and it looked a little too troll doll for the camera
c. I couldn’t film the parts I wanted/I forgot to press record all the times it would have been interesting (see #3)
d. All of the above.

But I’ll give a recap. The day involved:

1. My phone dying in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota, just when I needed it, and then seeing my car only had a gallon of gas, and scrambling to find a rest stop with an outlet and a gas station. It was intense, I assure you. I felt, for a brief moment, like I was in one of those clock-is-ticking-save-the-world-with-your-underdeveloped muscles-but-quick-intellect moments.

2. Eight hours of driving through a place where every 15 miles the road construction would kick me off onto a small, unmarked road in the middle of nowhere.

3. Arriving in Rapid City to learn that there was:

a. A national motorcycle rally
b. A summer concert and street fair
c. A summer concert and street fair that ONLY attracted tweens, who then abandoned their fair to ride up and down the elevators and say things like "Do I look like a dinosaur?" and "Stay awesome, chickie."
d. LOTS of street preachers.
e. All of the above.

4. But the street fair had food, and the tweens liked my necklace, and after a quick swim, the SYTYCD results shows (I can’t believe EVAN made it :/) some writing, and finishing a book, I went to sleep.

Now, I must drag myself from bed, and go in search of caffeine.

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One thought on “Rapid City, SD!

  1. jongibbs says:

    Sounds like an adventure 🙂

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