Because I’m fond of pretty things…

Being a visual person, I am always on the look out for imagery. It might very well be a universal means of procrastination for writers, but I love to amass images that inspire and guide the writing.

But some days, when I want to distract myself, I go hunting for covers. Not just ones I love (that list would be VERY long, I did an entire manifesto in school on universal properties of successful covers) but those I feel embody my writing/stories. And, as I make an effort to collect them, I’m seeing a pattern.

I definitely lean toward dark whimsy.

A.S. King’s brilliant cover for a brilliant book, DUST OF 100 DOGS:

Everyone should be familiar with this by now, but Maggie Stiefvater’s much anticipated SHIVER:

I love this book, and I adore the cover. It tells its own story. John Connolly’s BOOK OF LOST THINGS:

How pretty is this?! Alex Flinn’s BEASTLY:

A haunting cover for Amy Mackinnon’s TETHERED:

I’m SERIOUSLY looking forward to this book! Anna Jarzab’s ALL UNQUIET THINGS:

This might be my current favorite. Malinda Lo’s ASH:

Do we see a pattern?

Do you have covers you adore? Ones you want to pet, or want to have, or simply want to abduct the designer?

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14 thoughts on “Because I’m fond of pretty things…

  1. Anonymous says:

    ah me too!
    I’m shamelessly attracted to pretty covers!
    I like Hush Hush’s cover. It’s just so striking. So it’s Karin Slaughter’s cover for Undone
    I also love Carolyn Wall’s cover for Sweeping up glass, the cover for The Sky Always Hears Me: And the Hills Don’t Mind and the cover for Kiss Me Kill Me

  2. Anonymous says:

    did you see that the TETHERED paperback addition has a different cover? I don’t like it as much at all.

  3. veschwab says:

    Re: ah me too!
    Oh! Sweeping Up Glass is lovely!
    They all are, really. I literally have a file on my computer exclusively for book covers. These are just the ones I feel have a similar vibe as, say, NW.
    I am a cover whore. I confess.

  4. veschwab says:

    No, it’s not NEARLY as evocative.

  5. Melissa Marr’s covers. All three, but especially Wicked Lovely.
    I love Need‘s cover.
    And Wondrous Strange.
    I don’t think I’d ever have picked up Graceling if it wasn’t for Katsa’s eye reflected in the sword.
    And pretty much any cover with a girl in a pretty, old-fashioned dress. So The Luxe, Princess of the Midnight Ball, Princess Ben, Aurelia, and, of course A Great & Terrible Beauty & the rest of the Gemma Doyle trilogy. πŸ™‚

  6. I LOVE the cover of ASH, too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE the cover for All Unquiet Things. And I had never seen the cover for Tethered before and I find it absolutely beautiful.
    I have always adored Joey Comeau’s It’s Too Late to Say I’m Sorry:
    It’s simple and (I think) evocative. I love the title too–hands down that is one of my favourite titles of all time.
    I really like just about every cover Flux does too. They have some amazing designs going on.

  8. veschwab says:

    Oh, all lovely covers! I think Wondrous Strange is pretty stunning. And I was definitely drawn to Graceling by its cover.

  9. veschwab says:

    I love YOUR cover too, missy!

  10. veschwab says:

    Oh man, just looked up Comeau’s book and it is GORGEOUS.
    Yeah, Flux just ROCKS the cover department. I could have done an entire post on their awesomeness alone.

  11. seaheidi says:

    Those are all sort of dark fairy-taleesque to me, and I like them all–the dead girls freak me out, but Anna’s is beautiful especially mixed in with the landscape…I love Shiver’s and Dust Dogs…hope things are well. =)

  12. jongibbs says:

    Those are some great covers πŸ™‚
    I like the Dust of 100 dogs best, because it takes (me at least) a second glance to see the whole picture.
    I also love the cover for Pride & Prejudice & Zombies πŸ™‚

  13. veschwab says:

    NW is a dark fairy tale, so that’s why the morbid trend. And things are better, thank you, Heidi πŸ™‚

  14. veschwab says:

    Yes, I really do love how the D100D cover has it’s own story pieces. Yay for layers πŸ™‚

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