Teaser Tuesday!

One of the FEW not creepy/dark moments in All Things Between! I promised a moment with one of the two male leads, so here you go:


Wesley looks at the list, where the five names have just given birth to a sixth.
"What the hell is going on here, Mac?”
“I don’t know. Miss Elkin said they were investigating. It just doesn’t make sense. Why are so many Histories escaping? How are they even waking up?”
Wesley sits up, and his hair is still perfectly spiked. I laugh.
“How long does it take to make your hair stand so straight?”
“Ages. But it’s worth it.”
“Is it?”
 “I’ll have you know, miss Mackenzie, that this,” he gives a flourish, gesturing from spiked black hair all the way down to boots, “is absolutely vital.”
He rolls onto his stomach, props himself up on his elbows, where his shirt sleeves are rolled up. The leather bracelets wind around his forearms, his three stacked rings glinting. He rests his chin on his hand, hazel eyes alive and warm between his cool skin and black hair. Beneath it all, Wesley Ayers is actually quite handsome. I’m glad he can’t read me as easily as he can the pillow he’s now beating into shape. Wesley glances at me, catches my eyes before I can look away.
“What’s the matter, Mac? Did you finally fall victim to my devilish good looks?” He runs his fingers through his hair, which doesn’t budge. “I knew it was only a matter of time.”

Sorry, I always have trouble formatting these! LJ doesn’t behave for me 😦 But I hope you like. 

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