Little Known Fact

So…it’s a little known fact about me that I HATE scary stories. I hate scary movies, slasher flicks, and pretty much everything capable of giving me creeps/nightmares (I feel my avoidance of nightmares is justified, given the fact my nightmares are PRETTY F***ING CREEPY.) 

But still…

It might seem odd, given the fact I WRITE creepy stories. Book 1 is about grief, Death, loss, drowning…Book 2 is about a murdered witch and the havoc she wreaks on a small town…Book 3 is about monstrous/murderous spirits who lurk in dark spaces. 

But still…

I won’t actually work on a lot of my projects at night/alone/in potentially creepy places. I like to phrase it nicely, creatively. My imagination is way, way, way, way too vivid for these things. If there’s even the potential for CREEPY, my mind will find it. It’s like visual mad libs, the creepy edition.

So…when I lug myself up to my bedroom in my old Victorian house, and the door is closed (I never close my door) and the lights are off, and I open said door and flick said lights on and I proceed to, for just a blink, see a body falling from the ceiling, I find myself on the fetal position in my office tweeting frantically and making this blog post. Because now I cannot sleep.

If anyone wants to tell me a cheerful story so I can work up the nerve to re-enter my sleeping quarters, that would be great. 


8 thoughts on “Little Known Fact

  1. Yikes! Now I can’t sleep either. *hands you hot chocolate*

  2. veschwab says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry. I still can’t sleep!!! I will gladly take that hot chocolate.
    *offers you cookie*
    Maybe we just need to tell some cheerful, sunny stories 🙂

  3. Oh wow. That is freaky! I’ve seen quick flashes of weird things, but never something like that. Hope you got *some* sleep!

  4. patesden says:

    Glad I read this in the morning. Once I’m in bed and the lights are off, I try not to look up. Ceilings offer too many possiblities.

  5. veschwab says:

    I did, I did, I just kept my eyes closed!

  6. veschwab says:

    Haha I thought of that after I posted this, that some people (most people) probably wouldn’t want to read that right before bed. And yes, something about ceilings. Canvases for sordid imaginations, I guess.

  7. dawn_metcalf says:

    Oh, G-d, I’m like you: I *HATE* creepy/violent stories (and yet I can write them…weird) — I have no comfort to offer except a well-loved blankie. Snuggle away!

  8. veschwab says:

    It’s the oddest thing, isn’t it?! I love writing them, but really cannot stand being exposed to them in real life My imagination must simply be too vivid.

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