First, thank you for all the wonderful comments and observations on my previous post. I’m really happy to know that 1. I made at least a little sense, and that 2. Several of you related to or appreciated it.

Now, Confession Time. Some days you just want to get stuff off your chest. I can’t get the *exact* thing I would like to off my chest, so I thought getting a few more random things off my chest might make me feel better.

1. I’m sad, in a strange way. I miss NW. Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY enjoy my new baby, ATB, but I miss Lexi, my main character. I miss writing her voice, I miss her tension and her romance with Cole, I miss everything about her world. And I don’t know what to do. NW was very much a stand alone, a ghost and a fairy tale and a story with an end. And I know it can’t be any other way. Still, I find myself straying back to it, wishing I could keep going. I find myself entertaining (naughty, NOT-ATB and thus NOT productive) thoughts of writing a companion piece, another folk tale.

I don’t look into darkened mirrors. Wow, changed course fast there, didn’t I? Such is the nature of confessions. Seriously though. Since I was a young girl I would never look into mirrors in dark rooms. I always had this terrible sense I would see something that wasn’t in the room (rather morbid child, I know). And even though I’ve outgrown my fears of the dark, and of closets, this is one thing, call it a fear, or a superstition, what have you, that I can’t shake.

I can’t write unless I have one really pretty line. One that isn’t necessarily crucial to the story, but so poetic that I feel inspired to write the whole scene. Without it, I’m stuck.

4. I eat like a hobbit. Aha, see you shouldn’t have been so surprised when I changed course this time! I’ve confessed to this a few times on Twitter, but it makes me laugh/feel better about my massive consumption every time. And I’m really not joking. Breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon,…I’m on it.

There. Now, do you have anything you’d like to confess? Got a fear? A feeling this Monday? Like your sandwich cut diagonally? Go ahead. Get it off your chest.

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11 thoughts on “Confessional

  1. tessagratton says:

    #3. ME TOO. I fail unless I have one perfect line in the perfect voice of the story. To return to when I’m flailing around.

  2. susanadrian says:

    1. I TOTALLY understand. I feel the same way about Jenna every time I let it go. Of course it always comes back, so there’s that to look forward to. πŸ™‚
    2. I can’t step on handicapped markings (like in parking places). I decided early on that somehow if I stepped on one, someday I’d be handicapped myself and need one. I can’t shake that idea, just in case. I am REALLY superstitious anyway.
    3. I need a good working title before I can write, though good lines aren’t necessary. πŸ™‚
    4. ME TOO! I eat constantly. Little tiny meals.

  3. veschwab says:

    It’s a SERIOUS problem lol. I walked around my place for several days shouting “My kingdom for a line!” True story :p

  4. veschwab says:

    Re: Yes!
    I’m sure I’ll grow tired of NW, after I’ve edited and edited and edited, but right now I’m just like, where’s my book? Why did I make it so brief? But there was NO WAY it could be a series.
    Ah, yeah, the title is an issue too. Need that.

  5. latteya says:

    I make it a point to never go into darkened rooms, I always turn the light on first.

  6. veschwab says:

    My imagination is way, way too vivid for dark spaces. I used to go for walks at night, where I used to live, and I’d always imagine I saw children hiding behind the trees that line the street, like playing hide and seek and peering out at me.

  7. latteya says:

    I avoid darkness whenever possible.I’m a baby.

  8. I’ll bet you’d see ghosts, or internal demons, if you look in a darkened mirror. I know the notion fascinates and horrifies me.
    I like second breakfast now and again as well!

  9. veschwab says:

    What I find fascinating is that this is something I’ve avoided since I was really young. I didn’t learn about the concept of scrying (using darkened reflective surfaces to see things, much like a crystal ball) until years later. So now I DEF. avoid it :p

  10. gosserville says:

    very cute post! I can’t wait to read your work. I know the feeling of leaving a character you love behind. Penelope is that way for me, I adore her. I even think of her as a friend, although I don’t dare mention that to an actual sane person, you know non-writer person! LOL
    The mirror thing, wow that does sound scary. I fear 3:30 a.m. not sure why, it gives me the creeps and if I’m alone and wake up around the time my heart pounds out of my chest while I sweat under my covers and pray for 4:00. Wierd huh!

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