Home Sweet Home

This is the start of something new. I have been simultaneously terrified and excited, unwilling to accept that "something new" invariably means a few things lost, a few things finished. But is also means fresh starts.

The purpose of my trip was not only to celebrate my graduation, but to refuel. I emerged from my program drained on so many levels, feeling a mixture of sadness, disappointment, relief. The month leading up to graduation was one of the best and worst of my life, my thesis nearly killed me, and when I stepped across the stage, I admit it was with as much exhaustion as it was with triumph.

I needed this trip (and sure enough, several days in, I knew that I was ready to come back and get to work).

It was a wonderful, eventful trip.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary was awe-inspiring. I got to walk a 12-year-old shepherd who, until November, had been entirely feral. He was still pretty timid, but so, so sweet, and being the first volunteer ever to walk him made a wonderful mark on me. I sat and socialized with cats, and even walked a few pigs, throwing shredded wheat out ahead of them to encourage them.

From there, we drove through a fun border town called Mesquite, which was a kick, and the mountains were stunning. Pictures couldn’t capture them, though I tried.

And then on to our hotel in Vegas, which I’ll sum up with:

And a hot stone massage that was my 22nd birthday present. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I essentially melted into the hotel room afterwards.

And lastly, the Beatles show was stellar. It was a choreographic acid trip, and an all-around fun tribute to the foursome. I’ve always been incredibly influenced/inspired by surreal imagery, and there was certainly a vast amount here! From yellow rain boots that walked on their own, to umbrella where fog trailed out from inside their canopies, to cars, some made of wrought-iron and some that broke into a million pieces when they connected with figures in red.

And now, after quite a week, I’m home:

But this is okay. Because I can breathe again. I’m ready to work.

I’m hoping to start writing All Things Between this week, too. Somewhere in between GRE, French, catching up on blogs (I’ve been reading as much as I can, but have been bad about commenting), and all other things. Waiting on the green light from agent so that NW can go out, and diving headfirst into the books above. It’s time for something new, and I feel, if not ready, then less terrified, because the fact of the matter is, it’s time.

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6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I’m so glad you had a good time, and that you’re refreshed and rejuvenated. Here’s hoping you hang onto that a bit!

  2. veschwab says:

    Thank you 🙂 Here’s hoping I can cling to this feeling for awhile!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You not only needed this, bb, you DESERVED it and EARNED it. Every last freakin second. *\o/*

  4. rowanda380 says:

    not so random commenter
    glad you had a good time

  5. veschwab says:

    Thanks bb! I’m happy to be back, and back to work! But I don’t think I would still have even a shred of sanity without this trip.

  6. veschwab says:

    Re: not so random commenter
    Thanks! It was a blast 🙂

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