News from the front!

Popping head in. Still alive.

-Up late. Then phone decided to EAT my alarm, resulting in the missing and consequent rescheduling of morning meeting. Ugh.

But, the end is in sight!

Both on thesis (the writing part is done!!! Yes!):

And on the draft of NW! I told Amy I wanted to get the draft to her by Monday (Why? WHY do I do this to myself?) so I guess I better keep working! 43,000 done. Onto the climax and finale!

Since I missed teaser yesterday: 

      "And in the moonlight I see it, the stain, even darker than his shirt, that’s spread across his stomach, part of his chest. I touch my fingertips to it. They come away wet.
      “What happened?” I ask and already know. My uncle. Cole takes my blood-stained hand as I pull away, drawing me closer, wincing even as he does.
      “I got away,” he says. His hand is warm around mine and I want to throw my arms around him because he’s there and real and still alive, but the stain on his clothes, and the pain at the edges of his eyes, warns me not to. I cannot pull my eyes from the darkness covering his chest, and part of me is thankful it’s night and the blood is cast in black and gray instead of red.
Cole hisses with pain as my fingers wander over the stain.
      “I’m fine,” he says through his teeth.
      “If by ‘fine’ you mean ‘bleeding,’ then yes, you are,” I snap, trying to examine the wound. I peel up the dark shirt. The gash is deep.
      “I’ll be fine,” he corrects, easing his shirt back down and peeling my fingers gently away…"

Now back under my rock I crawl. 

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4 thoughts on “News from the front!

  1. j_cheney says:

    Interesting looking concept for the thesis…

  2. veschwab says:

    There are a lot of timelines throughout the book and they’re executed in that style, so for the introduction of the platform, or the scholars upon which my argument is founded, I needed to find a way to show them that resonated with the books aesthetic.

  3. You are so crazy busy!! I will be thinking productive thoughts for you . . .

  4. veschwab says:

    Oh thank you. Yes, it is QUITE hectic right now, but it is not indefinite thankfully lol.
    I will happily take those productive vibes 🙂 and hope I can turn them into exciting things!

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