Commercial Break

Sorry for the relative quiet from my little corner of the blogosphere.

My thesis has to be finished and ready to print on Thursday. (mild panic, mild being an understatement)

It’s frustrating that when I’m actually in a groove with my current story, I can’t actually work on it! Grr.

But Thesis (of Doom) is actually going well! It’s pretty, which makes me happy. Almost happy enough that I still have to write the content for four sections *dies*

This is all to say that I, or rather this blog, is taking a commercial break, probably until Friday.

The end is in sight! <–mantra of the moment.

But no commercial break is complete without a few distractions, so here you go:

Thanks for Colleen Lindsay for this:

And the song I mentioned a few days ago, which holds my love:

And the cover of my thesis:

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4 thoughts on “Commercial Break

  1. The thesis of doom looks very polished and intimidating. Well done! (I watched that video the other day after you mentioned the Bon Iver song.)

  2. veschwab says:

    Well thank you. It’s getting close. I’m planning on posting spreads from it when it’s finished!! I cannot WAIT for that day.

  3. veschwab says:

    🙂 thank you.

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