A Bad Case of the Randoms

I am so chipper at this moment. I feel cracked out. It’s probably from the swimming. It gives me a ridiculous adrenaline rush, especially if I’m in a decent mood beforehand. So to reflect that, I have some random asterisks for you!

*N’s and L’s. I seem to have an issue. I like to name everything beginning with an N or an L, and I LOVE to name pairings with them. Example: Nell in TSM. Lexi in NW. Narrow and Long (town names in Keeper, the dear project waiting patiently for its turn). Near (and almost named the pair city Low). I have a problem. I wonder why this is.

*Outlining: I just learned what it’s good for! For me, I mean. Near Witch has been an exercise in outlining, since it dealt with overlapping stories. And as I near the climax (eeeee!) of the draft, I actually *know* what needs to happen next. That’s a new and oddly comforting sensation. So that is why an outline is good. Will have to make a note.

*The draft of Near Witch is nearing its climax, which is very exciting! I would give anything to devote all my time to it, especially right now, but that pesky THESIS OF DOOM. My mom was funny. I called her after getting some encouragement from Awesome Agent and talked about how excited I was to get to work. I was about to hang up when she said “Wait, wait Victoria. You are going to work on your THESIS, right? Not NW. Thesis. Right?!”

*Drink of the moment: 20 oz Diet Coke

*Song of the moment: Wolves (Act 1 & 2) by Bon Iver. I am currently LOVING this song.

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2 thoughts on “A Bad Case of the Randoms

  1. I’m all about ‘A’ and ‘C/K’ sounding names. Abbey, Avian, Cris, Caspian, Kristen… I am trying to will myself to think more “middle of the alphabet” for my WIP. 🙂

  2. veschwab says:

    It’s a problem! I’m trying realllly hard to stray to the far corners of the alphabet :p

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