Pep Talk

Does this happen to you?

Sometimes, when you have too many directions you’re supposed to be going in, your brain just kind of runs panicking around like a kid who’s just stepped on slug wearing only socks (true story, and truly traumatizing) and can’t seem to stop and think rationally and get to work.

I kind of feel like that. I’m supposed to be working on thesis, and critiquing these pieces for fiction, and running errands, and finding some specific vintage illustrations, and working on NW, and feeling generally paralyzed by it all.

So, I thought I’d stop and give a pep talk, or share on of my pep talk ideas. Everyone motivates themselves differently.

Some coddle. Some threaten. Some play music. Some eat chocolate. I have done all of these things.

But sometimes, when I need a little motivation, I think about what I’d want people to say about my story, one far off day when it’s a book, and write it down. It helps me get to the heart of what Im trying to accomplish, and it tends to really give me the "yeah!" that I need. So if you ever feel bummed, or just need a boost, try it.

* PS. I took a total me night last night. I finished reading LAMENT, painted my nails, drank hot cocoa. And then I slept. It was glorious.


4 thoughts on “Pep Talk

  1. writerjenn says:

    In situations like that, it also helps me to make a list. Then I can focus on doing one thing at a time, and figure out which to do first.
    But yay for the pep talk!

  2. Hot cocoa, new paint and LAMENT sounds like a great night to me! And your pep talk notion is a great one. Must try that. Although right this moment, I’m too scattered/overjoyed to be worried. I think I just completed the double sestina on Pride and Prejudice that I’ve been wrangling since, um, late 2007.

  3. veschwab says:

    Lists are definitely helpful. To be honest I’ve been mildly obsessive about list-making for a loooong time. I love crossing things off!

  4. veschwab says:

    It was just what I needed. And then I slept for 9 and a half hours, which is positively glorious after two all-nighters in one week!
    Congratulations on the accomplishment!!! That’s huge. Make sure you treat yourself accordingly!

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