Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved for a week to be over. I ended up in studio until 4:30am last night, snagging a mere three and half hours of sleep. Add that to the stress of this week, and the all-nighter on Sunday, and I am BEAT.

*Alex Bracken is getting OLD. Make sure you go and remind her HERE.

*For SOME reason, I like to make up stupid names for my word documents. This amuses me at the time, to be sure, but does NOT prove helpful when I try to find said documents later *headdesk*

*One week until Spring Break and I don’t know why I’m counting because it’s not exactly a break. I still have so much to do. Will it never end? My teacher’s words:

"Yes, this is bad. I know. But it’s only another month. You can survive ANYTHING for a month."


Things I need to do before Monday:

-Major thesis of doom progress
-Consider notes on TSM
-Get the Near Witch up to 20,000 words 
-Try to find sanity. Every place I check is sold out.
-Critique two short stories
-Sleep (at least a little)
-Do laundry
-Avoid nervous breakdown 

And ambitious list, to be sure. 


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