Musical Accompaniment brought to you by…

So I don’t have a teaser today (despite breaking 10,000 words on Near Witch.

But what I DO have is a teaser of sorts. A musical teaser. Last time we talked music we talked Rasputina’s Transylvanian Concubine and the way it embodied one of Near Witch’s key scenes.

Today’s musical accompaniment is Mirah.

Mirah stole my heart in So You Think You Can Dance, when their song The Garden was used.

I think Mirah is incredible writing music, and so today I wanted to share it with you 🙂


And since we’re mentioning So You Think You Can Dance, I have to give you my other favorite routine OF ALL TIME:


5 thoughts on “Musical Accompaniment brought to you by…

  1. lisamantchev says:

    I loooooooooved that routine (and just about anything that Mark did!!) And I have that song on my iPod.

  2. bracken says:

    Mirah’s “cold cold water” is one of my favorite songs of all time and is on my WIP playlist, so check that song out if you haven’t already! Mirah is amazing!!!

  3. veschwab says:

    That routine is one of my favorites of all time!

  4. veschwab says:

    ❤ that song. I have the whole Advisory Committee album (If you…you know, have aim, and would like to sample a few before you purchase them legally…).
    I also love Promise.

  5. tessagratton says:

    NICE. Those dances were very, very hot.

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