Musings and many an “Oh dear”

The leaves curl onto the pavement like little brown mice, spine stiff, dry edges splayed.

Weird image I know, but I swear while I was going for a walk tonight I jumped TWICE because I thought there was a creature on the pavement and it was only a dead leaf. Oh dear.

Why I shouldn’t participate in class critiques after an all-nighter: the buffer in my brain, that self-censorship I normally rely on, walks off and everything I think comes out my mouth or through my pen, which is why I wrote this on someone’s design dummy: I think some shots of color would be great," (off to a normal enough start) "the color could be like punches, violent intrusions," (hmm) "interrupting the somber marching paragraphs! (oh dear).

After not being to bed yet, I came home and was going to take an hour nap, then get up and do work, because for some reason it doesn’t go away. I woke up SIX HOURS later. Oh dear.

Now must scavenge for food.


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