panic, pilates, and other random thing

* About to head to pilates, because I had to do SOMETHING that didn’t involve studio. I’m also going to Vagina Monologues later. Everything between = studio. Is it May yet?! But oh god no, I don’t want to graduate. But oh ear I NEED to be done with this. Agh there is no win!

* I’m at 10,000 words in NEAR WITCH. As you might know by now, I suffer from polish-as-I-go syndrome, a terrible counter-productive drafting disease. But I’m determined to get a full draft of this story, and *then* go back and spruce it up. Crazy!

*My hate for my major has reached a new level. This is most likely due to the fact that I have to create 88 more designed and written pages…by MONDAY. *dies* I want to panic so hard but I can’t because I don’t have time. Still, as you might have gathered from previous post and glimpses at the thesis, the concept is not exactly trivial. Eep.

*I swear the parking lot at my art school is like the room of requirement. There are only ever as many spaces as there are people searching for them. When one car enters the lot, there’s one spot. So when a car jumped into the lot in front of me yesterday, I thought I was screwed. But there were magically TWO spaces. I swear, it’s magical. (Well, at least it makes you feel lucky).

* The names of my playlists right now: Drive Yourself Sane. Sanity During Seminar. Music I Need Right Now. Help Me Write My Thesis. Hmm, I see a theme? If you have any music you think might help me stave off panic for the next 48 hours, PLEASE tell me.

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