Cosmic Jokes are Rarely Funny

*this post has nothing to do with writing*

So, exercise composes an important fraction of my sanity. I rely on it, I make time for it, I relish it. But for some reason today, there was a cosmic conspiracy to keep it from me.

It was a swim day today. This is trickier up at school, because the pool’s only open for two-hour windows, once in the morning and once in the evening.

So I get up, do some work and head over to the pool this morning. But there’s no parking. Anywhere. I don’t get to swim, so I decide to go to studio and do work and come back at 7pm for the evening window.

7pm comes. I go to the pool. I park. I go in. I notice I’ve forgotten my main swimsuit. That’s okay. I have another, somewhere in this bag. I do! I put it on. Hmm. It’s a little loose, but that’s ok. I hop in the pool.

Oh dear.

Now, I’m not a large girl, in any respect, not in height, nor in girth, nor in *cough* chest *cough* but I get no more than ONE OR TWO LAPS into my swim (which is supposed to be 80+ laps) and it is becoming painfully clear that this bathing suit is NOT going to stay on. So, I had to get out. The universe was clearly conspiring against my workout today.

Not amused, Universe. Not. Amused.


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