We Interrupt This Program…

1. to bring you these:

What are these, you wonder to yourself? Well! These are the easiest (you don’t believe me but you will), fastest, most delicious treat in the world. Because sometimes you just need a little pampering.

These are CHOCOLATE CAKE MIX COOKIES. Yes, it was entirely necessary to put that in all caps, because they are that good. All you have to do:

-heat your oven to 350
-grab a box of cake mix (I use Duncan Hines Devil’s Food)
-Ignore the ingredients on the box.
-Add to the mix: two eggs, 1/2 cup oil, and anything else you might like (I added chocolate chips)
-Bake for 8-10 minutes

NOTE: you will not know when they are done. Trust yourself. Let’s put it this way, accidentally undercooking them will prove to be the tastiest mistake ever. But, DO let them sit and take shape for at least a few minutes. Then, mmmmmmm…..

2. In more productive news:

*book things are chugging along (at the painfully slow pace they go, but still, thank you for all your good juju)

*school things prove to be stress tomorrow/today, hence the late/early post

*life things are slightly lost/astray (let’s say "wandering" because Tolkien believes that doesn’t necessarily mean lost)

*exercise things: had the most ridiculously good swim today (4500m in the time it normally takes me to do 4000m) obviously a lot on my mind

*all other things are hectic (I just want to curl up in a corner with a cup of tea. I remind myself that eventually this semester will end, but I’m not sure if that helps or makes me freak out more)

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2 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Program…

  1. Here’s that tea you wanted.
    Will make cookies today – they sound so easy and look so nummy!
    And I heart the Tolkien reference.

  2. veschwab says:

    Oh why thank you 🙂
    The cookies will not disappoint.

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