Craft while you draft

Lots of people say that when you’re drafting, just draft, don’t edit at all, leave it for later, but I’m of the minority who try and craft as I draft. In other words, I potentially waste copious amounts of time making the lines and language nice as I’m writing the story. Now, most of the time this ends up shooting me in the foot, or leg, or some more vital organ, but every now and then, it’s the best possible thing to have done.

Why? Because when you begin to doubt yourself and your writing and your story as writers are so good at doing, you can go back and re-read the words and hopefully fall back in love with the story. If it weren’t pretty, I personally might have a harder time being wooed back into the novelist-novel relationship.

I totally forgot how much I loved the first few chapters of KEEPER. (I always tend to love my first few chapters, because I spend so frickin long crafting them. The book has yet to form, there’s no pressure, and it’s all about the words, the initial impact). And THAT is why I’m glad I craft while I draft (let’s face it I like typing that). it’s good to go back and re-read and refresh yourself and remember tone etc.

I feel so much more motivated to work on it, now that I’ve rediscovered the not-crappiness of those first pages, because crappiness was beginning to seep into the later ones.

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