The Book Deal Candle

After two months of revisions, The Shadow Mile embarks this week, (hopefully) better, stronger, and more full of win.

Twelve-year-old Nell Kensington fell asleep, when her mother died.

A deep, dreamless, sleep. The doctors called it a coma. She called it coping. But when Nell woke up a week later, the world was different, or she was. Shadows began to bend the wrong way, the seams of the world glinting on the edges of her sight. One day a shadow peeled itself straight off the wall and fluttered away, like a moth. Even to Nell, this was a bit peculiar.

Sixteen-year-old Lucas Bradley Link lost half of himself, when his sister died.

An inexplicable death, Lucas needed answers. A brilliant student, he turned to books, determined to understand what (or who) stole his sister, Emily, from him. Determined to find a way to bring her back.

Death lost everything, and wants it all back.

Bound to the Shadow Mile, the place between the living world and the one beyond, the reaper can’t shake the feeling that she’s forgotten something. She is beginning to hear voices that might be her own, and a hollow hunger is growing in her bones. She makes a deal with recently departed Lucas, who claims he knows how to set her free. All she needs, he says, is to lure a living soul into the Shadow Mile, and steal their life.

When Nell stumbles into Death’s trap, the three desperate characters collide. Now Nell must confront her mother’s death and her own disconnection if she wants to get out alive.

Enter the dreamlike Mile, where doors are one-way, people are shadows, and when it rains, the sky actually falls. A shifting space where getting out is much harder than falling in, and the price for staying too long is steep. Where the things we’ve lost are never truly gone.

Now, you must excuse me while I go cradle my book deal candle. Oh, you haven’t heard of a book deal candle? Well! A friend of the family works in this new age store, where a woman pours candles for people’s needs. While I don’t possess the standard healthy skepticism, I don’t buy into everything. I wasn’t going to do it, until…my friend got one made and her house, which had been on the market a year, sold the next day. So, I thought, why not, and now I am the proud owner of a book deal candle :p it smells like success and roses and sandalwood.

Lastly, school started today. My last semester. My standards for success have really diminished. I just want to graduate. I want to survive. Nevermind the A’s (couldn’t get them in art if I sold my soul). Just give me freedom.


9 thoughts on “The Book Deal Candle

  1. My fingers (toes, nose, eyes) are crossed for you. Here’s hoping you have a quick sale! Your pitch is awesome. I’d definitely pick that book off the shelf. πŸ™‚

  2. veschwab says:

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  3. beedeecee says:

    love the pitch! your book sounds so interesting. and, um, can i share your book deal candle? πŸ˜‰
    good luck with your last semester! i spent half of mine partying and the other half pulling all-nighters for the chemistry class i put off until the last minute …

  4. shanasilver says:

    Wow, your book sounds great! I have a feeling you won’t even need that candle.
    I have a book deal bookmark (appropriate, right?) I got it in Scotland last month and it says it’s made of materials that bring good luck.

  5. veschwab says:

    Haha my semester will probably look much like that πŸ™‚
    And of course you can share my candle πŸ™‚

  6. veschwab says:

    I always feel like, it never hurts to have a little something extra on your side πŸ™‚
    And thanks for believing in the book too. Just need to find someone willing to take a chance on it.

  7. marylovesya says:

    Dude, you are going to rock this. I love little tokens like that, things that can make you feel both superstitious and hopeful. I got my agent after burning some candles in fortuitous colors. But hey, my book was about witchcraft… =)
    The character of Death in TSM reminded me of another great book, narrated by Death. THE BOOK THIEF, have you read it? You definitely should check it out if not.

  8. veschwab says:

    I have heard of it! I haven’t read it though. It’s on my To Be Read list though. I’ll have to bump it up!
    Oh my god though Im already so impatient, it’s been on sub for like two and half days lol and I’ve worn down my email refresh. MUST.STEP.AWAY.

  9. marylovesya says:

    I’m super psyched for you. Sounds like you’re sending out an incredible MS. And I’m so jealous of your E-mail Refresh Syndrome… I can’t wait to go out on submission again…

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