Revisions (and other things)

I’ve been done with my first pass at revisions for all of two days, and I’m itching to work on something new. What to choose? What to choose? I NEED to work on my thesis, but I WANT to write fiction. Hmm.

Okay, so kessie asked me to post on this, but I’m not sure how helpful it will be. I am in the midst of executing some considerable revisions on TSM. My process for these:

1. Compile revision notes.
2. Whimper to self.
3. Create brand new outline (seriously, open up a fresh document and type it out).
4. Cut the chapters I could no longer use (we scaled back the number of POVs) and put them in a safe place/document (I make SOO many documents, prob not good).
5. Open new document (see, I told you).
6. Block out book, complete with empty pages where new material needs to be written. Here I’ll copy and paste a part of my outline (which I should mention is NOT very fleshed out) so I know what needs to go where.
7. Open new document for each section to be written, and write it (this is just kind of a tic, I get overwhelmed when I’m adding new words to a very big document, so I like a little clean space).
8. This is a good time to whimper to self again over the fact I’ve taken my manuscript apart and do not know if it will go back together.
9. Stop whimpering and insert new material into book document.
10. **Integration** (**=very important). Once I have chunks of new material alongside original or words I kept, I begin to smooth the transitions, check continuity, etc.
11. Add any necessary sections (my book has a pretty cinematic feel, and some short sections that serve to move the reader back and forth).
12. Re-read book for 38,957th time to check revisions.
13. Experience simultaneous elation and doubt over quality of revisions.
14. Eat copious amounts of chocolate while beta readers/tolerant friends/family read new version.
15. Acknowledge that there is still work to do, but do a happy dance for having a new working draft.

And that’s where I am now. TSM now stands at almost 290 pages, I’m waiting to get feedback from my agent, already making notes for a few tweaks, and itching to work on a new project, despite the fact I NEED to work on my thesis 😦 but I want to WRITE!!!! After so many hours of working on TSM, I am simultaneously exhausted and itching to type. Having no open novel documents makes me feel weird, lol.

Anyway, just a little insight, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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2 thoughts on “Revisions (and other things)

  1. patesden says:

    Thanks for sharing that. I’m in the process of writing a new beginning for my story, then I have to take the rest of the story from two pov’s down to one.
    I like the idea of preparing all the documents ahead of time:)

  2. veschwab says:

    Good luck with the new beginning.
    Narrowing POVs was really hard for me, because some of my favorite writing happened in the peripheral POVs that had to be axed, but the story is undoubtedly tighter.

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