Once Upon a Time…

I never dreamt of writing fiction. Actually, I started by scrawling children’s poems in the margins of the math notebooks. Once I had collected three or four, I began to dream of parents reading them to their children before bed, the way my mother read my Shel and Seuss and such. And the thought of it was so incredibly satisfying. No matter what happens, all I want is for some kid to find something I wrote worth remembering.

Courtesy of a notebook somewhere:

“On How Things Come Apart”

Before anything else,

The trees and the plains,

Before the valleys and mountains,

The draught and the rain

Before you and I had forms and minds,

And life grew and became,

Then the Sea was in the Sky,

Both one, and the same.

On the ceiling overhead, 

Laced in white and blue

The two forms, like fingers, intertwined

And from each other grew.

The Sea and Sky both swelled in size,

The world began to shift

Until at last the weight surpassed

What Air itself could lift.

And then a Storm was bred and born

That severed every strand

Held Sky at bay, thrust Sea away

In heavy drops to land

And filled the world with water

To the brimming line between

And thus was the Horizon,

The unforgiving seam.

And when sad Sky looks down to Sea

Across the sun-filled moat

The Storm must come and shed the rain

To keep the Sky afloat.


One thought on “Once Upon a Time…

  1. Taryn says:

    I know that this post is from a long time ago, but I have to tell you, this poem is AMAZING!!! that is definitely something I would want to read to my children…when I have them some day of course. =) I can’t wait for The Near Witch!!

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