A Day in Questions

Questions I have asked myself today:

Why does my alarm clock only ring when I reallllly want a few more minutes, and then when I hit snooze not have the decency to remind me not to oversleep for class?

Why doesn’t everything work like the art programs on my computer, where if I make a mistake, I can just undo?

Why does my puppy only eat the items I fail to spray with bitter apple anti-chew spray? For instance, after a wood binge, and my consequent spraying of all wooden legs in my apartment, why does puppy decide to go on a plastic spree in which he consumes/destroys my favorite pen, three paintbrushes, two plastic rulers, one of those headbands with lots of little spikes, and my tv remote?

Beef pad thai or Subway? (totally pad thai, yum)

Does anyone else notice how the night seems to be made of something entirely different than the day?

If I’m pissed that there was no Pushing Daisies tonight because of the debate, does that make me a horrible American? (EDIT: I didn’t think it was on, because I got the time wrong in my head. Sieve people. Sieve.)


2 thoughts on “A Day in Questions

  1. bracken says:

    What! PD was on for me–are you on east or west coast time??

  2. veschwab says:

    I know I just found out that I’m a total spaz and thought it was on at 8pm because college = no spare brain cells. So I missed it! But I DID ask myself that question lol.

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